The Attack did a 10 hour livestream for Orbyt Play on February 20, 2016. The purpose of the stream was to celebrate independent video game developers and video games. The stream featured interviews with developers, stunts based off of games, and showcases of new and upcoming games. A long list of guests appeared. Segments of the stream can be found here.

Stunts Edit

  • IRL Rocket League
  • 3rd Person Game Gauntlet
  • The Blinding of Isaac

Games Featured Edit

  • Rocket League
  • Binding of Isaac
  • Invisigun Heroes
  • 20XX
  • Headlander
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered
  • Butt Sniffin Pugs
  • Adr1ft
  • Psychonauts 2
  • Nidhogg
  • Dad by the Sword

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