Milynn Sarley has appeared on The Attack multiple times as a guest host. She is a cosplayer and member of Team Unicorn, and streams regularly on Twitch.


She can totally kick your ass, too.

List of Attack appearances Edit


Milynn as Zelda on Attack Episode 4.



4 Attack Morning Show
7 Attack Morning Show
29 The Attack
31 The Attack
34 The Attack
37 The Attack
39 The Attack
67 Leafblowers in the Hood
69 Mexican Pancakes
70 Office Clips & Horse Kicks
81 Los' Quinceanera
83 Selfie Spoons
85 Cheese Heads
87 Jetpack Cheeseburger Rolaids
94 Ol' Robo Legs
96 Backflips and Horse Trips
98 The Joy of Tainting
100 One Hundredth Episode
103 Alex's Day of Birth