Gostalgia is an occasional segment on The Attack where classic games and gaming systems are discussed and evaluated in terms of modern sensibilities.

It was spun off into its own show for a handful of episodes, but that was shelved for being too resource intensive after the reduction in staff when What's News and Mostly Harmless were cancelled.

Attack episodes with Gostalgia segments Edit



Air Date Title Subject
219 30 Nov 2016 Best Controller of All Time Classic Controllers
229 11 Jan 2017 Awesome James Done Quick DK Bongos
231 18 Jan 2017 Rhythm Games

List of Gostalgia Episodes Edit



Air Date Subject Hosts
3 16 Aug 2016 Sega Dreamcast Alex Corea, Kevin Pereira, Zack Pearlman (later)
4 23 Aug 2016 Pitfall (Atari), Castlevania (NES), Earthworm Jim, Megaman X, Donkey Kong Country Alex Corea, Anthony Carboni, Ify Nwadiwe
5 30 Aug 2016 RACING: F-Zero, Waveracers 64, Burnout 3: Takedown, Game Boy Accessories Alex Corea, Steve Zaragoza
6 6 Sep 2016 Glover, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64 Alex Corea, Steve Zaragoza, Trisha Hershberger (later)
7 13 Sep 2016 Tecmo Bowl, Altered Beast, Ghostbusters (NES), Back to the Future (NES) Alex Corea, Jon Brody, Shawna Waldron

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