...continued from Front Page Episodes 2017 Jan-Apr.

The following Front Page episodes aired May to August 2017.

Ep Air Date Title Hosts
89 1 May 2017 Kevin, Yaniv
Eddie continues to fuck the bit. Front Page segments. Finger tricks. New jason_woot. Adults being dodgy. JesTr82 Gladiators cut. Yaniv sex talk.
90 2 May 2017 Kevin, Alex
Eddie on blast despite not being there. Alex and KP PUBG duos experience. Erin the bully police! New Surface laptop. Sheriff calling out heroin dealers.
91 3 May 2017 Kevin, Jeremy
DiC. Workers' comp fraud. Dabbing granny. Dark Tower trailer. Quick draw competitions. Colbert Trump remarks.
92 4 May 2017 How About Dem Apples? Kevin, Coral(!)
AHCA vote today. Coral's tumblr feed. Coral's dumpster cat is an asshole. Hot barz from Coral! Reality baking show. Coral answers Discord questions.
93 5 May 2017 B.M. OH NOES!!! Kevin, Jeremy
The BM Bros play Clash Royale and BM a bunch of 12-year-olds.
94 8 May 2017 Case of the Mondays
95 9 May 2017 The Legend of DiC Alex, Corrado
Corrado's muscles vs wife round 2. Embarrassing past Attack moments.
96 10 May 2017 Nah Fam. Kevin, Alex
Uhh show #5. Net Neutrality. Alex and KP parties. Goodbye studio party.
97 11 May 2017 Waffles or Pancakes? Kevin (and Eddie)
KP's quick sex story. Eddie therapy session. Sidestream with Steve Zaragoza! Uhhh show #6 with KP.
98 12 May 2017 DailyDoseOfFrontPage Kevin (and Eddie)
KP's rough weekend. Being in-between studios. Uhhh Show #7. AC costs way more than budgeted. Farming chemicals. Corrado's gross balls. Zack Pearlman. It's Dare....
99 13 May 2017 What About Ep. 100??? Kevin, Joey
First concerts. Los day in Discord. Clay Aiken congress campaign video. Braces. Getting pepper sprayed. Nvidia stock. Kim Possible. Joey tries to rap. VR focusing. Joey's YT.
100 14 May 2017 We're Almost As Old As Corrado Now! Kevin, Jeremy
Live Google I/O Keynote coverage. Also: Porn at video stores, Bridget the Midget, Clash Royale updates.

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