...continued from Front Page Episodes 2016

The following Front Page episodes aired during the first half of 2017.

Ep Air Date Title Hosts
33 3 Jan 2017 Alison Haislip Taco Bell Wiki Kevin, Alex
Mayron is Reggie Jackson. Kevin's elbows. This wiki!!! Alison Haislip appeared via phone call to talk about her Taco Bell commercial.
34 4 Jan 2017 3D-Printed Cyberpunk Cars and Fidget Gifts Kevin, Alex
3D printing, Christmas gifts for KP, Corrado's Instagram, and electric cars
35 9 Jan 2017 The Las Vegas Adventures Alex, Erin
Alex's CES trip, winter vacations, and dryjerking
36 10 Jan 2017 Overwatch and Meme Economy Alex, Erin
Alex spills coffee. Erin learns about memes. Overwatch characters' hotness.

Alex showed a bad video by accident in this episode. The VOD was edited to remove the video.

37 11 Jan 2017 Nude Neighbors & Fresh Switch Alex, Erin
Alex's naked neighbor. PPAP guy. Collectible culture. Pee fetishes. Nick guested. Switch news and speculation. Double Down fart story.
38 12 Jan 2017 Do Us A Flavor Lays Chips Alex, Erin
Buying a piece of the Aggro Crag. Alex went to a brothel. Karaoke. Fat Pikachu. 30 minutes of Do Us A Flavor creations.
39 16 Jan 2017 The Indoguration Kevin, Alex
"Gaming Expert" Alex on KTLA. Los talks Switch. KP in Amsterdam. The Indoguration.
40 17 Jan 2017 Exclusive Mario Odyssey First Look Kevin, Alex
Corrado marinara in 226. KevCap on blast. GTA Mario mod. Priscilla brought Paddington the cat! Panasonic HUD for Tesla? Indoguration hype!
41 18 Jan 2017
missing from VOD archive
42 23 Jan 2017 Hail Hydra!!! KevinAlex
VOD has no audio
43 24 Jan 2017 Human Text to Speech??? KevinAlex
DJ Ravi Drums at Trump's inauguration. Text to Eddie donations. Snapchat metrics. "14 words", and 14 NEW words for Wikipedia.
44 25 Jan 2017 Sexiest Overwatch Character? KevinAlex
Trump torture KP fails to avoid politics. Elder Pereira = DJ Khaled. OW Year of the Rooster skins. Elon Musk tunnels. Hell's Kitchen production. KP's career motivations. Bad Lip Reading.
45 26 Jan 2017 Toontown Squaaaaaadddddd KevinAlex, Erin
Erin can't poop. Los bailed on Toontown. Alex is bad at KotK. Toontown adventures of Mr. Gary, and Orange Cat. Reddit's favorite swear words. Erin got hit on at Goodwill.
46 30 Jan 2017 Erin Finally Browses r/WTF Alex, Erin
Rachael's cat Pickle! Movie talk. Okonomiayaki. Erin tried to stream. Does it fart? #skate4. Nutmeat. Left boobs. Cash Me Outside. Flash storage. Neighborhood weirdos.
47 31 Jan 2017 Hipster Toasters are Taking Over! Alex, Erin
Ants and new neighbors in Alex's place. Vremi hipster toaster box. Erin's stroke. KP on Live with Kelly! Shitty Life Pro Tips. Games from childhood.
48 1 Feb 2017 A Once Young Corea Alex, Erin
Erin's sexual Batman salvia night. Mark O'Donnell. Alex's automated lights. High school sports. Old pics of Alex. Erin's underwear choices. Animal Crossing mobile delayed.
49 2 Feb 2017 Where Da Coffee Cups At? Alex, Erin
Eating in the car. Erin talks about birth control and Alex can't be serious. Jackbox on Switch. 2 alt-right subreddits banned. PornHub sex ed. Coffee cup controversy. SXSW.
50 6 Feb 2017 Super-Bowl Ads! Kevin, Alex, Erin
The Division beta. Super Bowl ads. Gelman fux. Erin tries to speak Spanish. Alex as Dr. Disrespect. KP smooches Alex. Erin's milk titties. Erin as LegendaryLea.
51 7 Feb 2017 Sweet Cuddle Parties! Kevin, Alex
Mayron and Nick talk foreplay. Suspension videos. Body modification. Switch shortages. Smash tournaments. Cuddle party: Erin gets volunteered! The beginnings of Erin's Let's Plays and Sick Footage: Staff Infections were discussed.
52 8 Feb 2017 1-2 Ditch the Switch?!?
53 9 Feb 2017 Discovering Parents Sex Toys? Kevin, Yaniv
54 10 Feb 2017 Flint Flossy In The House! Kevin, Los
55 21 Feb 2017 The Art of ASMR Kevin, Alex
ASMR videos, Switch IDs, ice cream maker for the Attack, broccoli sprouts
56 22 Feb 2017 Retro Game Throwback! Kevin, Jeremy
Dumbchucks, the Gazelle Freestyle, Cool 3D Worlds, Switch in the house, Genesis games, Jeremy's leg burns
57 23 Feb 2017 All Out Mayhem!!!!! Kevin, Alex, Jake
From the main studio! Jake's balls, Switch non-stupid unboxing, Hit Clips & Yak Back
58 24 Feb 2017 KevCap's Demise and Rise Kevin, KevCap, Yaniv
KevCap's origin story. Drug additction. Erin's Roy G. Biv planets. Sidestream test.
59 27 Feb 2017 Double Bristle Technology! Kevin, Jeremy
Broom gift. Planet Fitness. Elder on the news. Oscars mistake. Coral Shit Post. Kim Kardashian. Haikus for subs. Mokka's Hotline Toontown. Shocking images.
60 28 Feb 2017 Did the Restroom Assume Your Gender?! Kevin, Erin
Destroying the ladies room. LP. Erin's Attack experience. Spittin hot barz. Horizon Zero Dawn Let's Play immediately followed.
61 1 Mar 2017 PCP, PSP, Steeby Steebs Steebs Kevin, Alex, Erin
Bending Erin's brain. Alex gets defensive. Net Neutrality and Zero Rating. Trump's VOICE. Howie Mandell. Erin's Let's Plays.
* 2 Mar 2017 (not numbered, skipped in VODs) Kevin, Jeremy, Corrado
Bud sex. Erin's Switch. Logan. Tesla autopilot. Apple's recent mistakes. New Kanye.
62 6 Mar 2017 Watching Kevin's School Clips!!! Kevin, Jeremy
Kevin's high school videos and websites. Scrambled porn. Screen Savers. Ping pong. Erin's rapping. Lil' Markie.
63 7 Mar 2017 Gotta Have a Good Meal Kevin, Alex
Carageenan. Mexican cereals. KP's old porn. Vault 7 wikileak. Subscriber acroynms. Hobo in Alex's house. SF2 Turbo promo. Switch games.
64 8 Mar 2017 Erin Talks Woman Appreciation Day Kevin, Erin
Naked on the beach. International Women's Day. Inspirational speeches for subs. New LotR game footage.
65 9 Mar 2017 Alexa is a Spy?!??!??! Kevin, Alex
Vinyl is overrated. PEPINO DE NOVO. Spiderman at the Gym. Acronyms for subs. AR vs. VR. New Attack subreddit. Nielsen ratings. Alex doesn't like women.
66 13 Mar 2017 Body Building To The Max!!!! Kevin, Jeremy, Jake
Faker. Moms fux. Homeless guitar. Weekend Zeldo. Synthol. Carrot Top. Dumbchucks update. New emotes! SXSW plans. Amiibo NFC.
67 14 Mar 2017 Papa Kev Solo Adventures! Kevin (and Los)
Oculus paying for sclusies. Colin Moriarty controversy. Triggering. Michel Gondry Chemical Brothers videos. Sensory Deprivation Tanks. Kerala by Bonobo.
* 15 Mar 2017 (not numbered, skipped in VODs) Kevin (and Los), Jeremy
Cripp. Iron Sport Gym. Russian officials hacking indictments. World's slowest saw. Xbox streaming. KP falling out of love with gaming. Wildlands. Clash Royale LP!
68 20 Mar 2017 SXSFlashback Kevin, Yaniv
Los' broken foot. <3 for Steltek. SXSW experiences. Hanson, Community panel, watching Alex-less Attack. Drunk times. Jason Woot Rap God. Sidestream test.
69 21 Mar 2017 Steven Segal Smashes Pots Kevin, Alex
NFC embedded in your body. New Phones. BestCarolina shitpost. Steven Segal Ten Shin. Mike Gallagher commercials. Hello Stranger.
70 22 Mar 2017 Hache, Clash Trainer Kevin, Jeremy
Soy sauce and eggs. Chop and Steele. Holdr. Fire Koos. How many syllables in "fire." Eddie Haiku. Super Hot Fire videos. Clash Royale LP!
71 23 Mar 2017 Kevin, Alex
Alex radio intros. Corrado's vacation snaps. Speaking at a normal volume on the Attack. 30 seconds of silence. List of movies for Alex to see. New Chappelle. Firestarter.
72 27 Mar 2017 Pitch Perfect Theories Kevin, Jeremy, Wesley
Dr. Wesley Snipes the dog. Video Toaster 4000. Pitch Perfect did 9/11. Joe Corea guested. Dead pig MRIs.
73 28 Mar 2017 And then.... Alex, Corrado, Wesley
Corrado's wife vs. his muscles. Corrado's vacation. Alex sucks at axe swinging. Attack 256 difficulties. Bluetooth speaker frisbee. Other crappy toys. Water for Wesley.
74 29 Mar 2017 C'ld Syllable Kevin, Jeremy,


Wesley's meds. Jason_woot's Fan Scramble. Providers can sell data history. Royalton elevator crisis. It trailer. Galaxy S8.
75 3 Apr 2017 Kevin, Yaniv
New Razer laptops. Clash Royale Attack clan. The game "Everything." Shit Post 9. KimDotcom private marketplace. New Kendrick. Los' livestream win.
76 4 April 2017 Kevin, Alex
Clash Royale again. Bit Boss! Neural-network generated Pokemon and superheroes. Sexy party vs sex party. Ling's Cars. America's Greatest Makers. Mosh pits.
77 5 Apr 2017 Kevin (and Los)
Bits and tips. Clash Royale replay analysis and money schemes. Sidestream test. KP introspection. Scorpio speculation. Alex says uuuuuuuh. Persona 5 streaming rules.
78 6 Apr 2017 Kevin, Alex
More Bit Boss hijinks. Scorpio specs. Alex's r/livestreamfail insecurities. Kevin's notes for the show. Thermostat battle with Erin.
79 10 Apr 2017 Kevin, Jeremy
United Airlines brutality. Trump doings. Synthol penis injections. Crawl. Tesla stocks. Michigan is sad. BM Bros fan edits. A Mile: Coral vs Erin. Even more Clash Royale.
80 11 Apr 2017 Alex, Erin
Weezer's Pork and Beans video and the memes therein. Savage Garden.
81 12 Apr 2017 Alex, Erin
Recorder players. Deer are stupid. Dogs vs. Cats.
82 17 Apr 2017 Kevin, Yaniv
Happy chat, Weekend wrapup, and Weekly rewind. Coheed + Dear Hunter show. Allergies. VRLA stuff. Sex Talk with Yaniv on Wildcard Monday!
83 18 Apr 2017 Kevin, Alex
Vanilla Ice metal. KP's experience with PUBG. Early Access games. Bill Nye's new show. Bad videos from fans. Mexican Long Farts. Alex raps. Erin vs. Alex rap battle!
84 19 Apr 2017 Kevin, Jeremy
RIP doggos. Monetary worth of saving a pet. Lots of reddit videos. Korean LoL team comms.
85 24 Apr 2017 Kevin, Jeremy
Mastodon show! Arlan Robotics Service Droid. RIP Dynfeld. Corrado bullied by his wife on stream. Attack fam meetup. New Mario Kart. Korean OW match fixing. "Bill Nye is trash." Alex playing PUBG. SpotiFIGHT with Yaniv.
86 25 Apr 2017 Kevin, Alex
Erin locks Alex out. PUBG antics. KP's confrontation with litterers. Effectiveness of protesting. Khoren Mouradian's music. Alex tries to rap and Erin saves him.
87 26 Apr 2017 Kevin, Yaniv, Dr. Wesley
"Magic Girl" pinball table. Yaniv played "Everything." Max Loughan explains the universe. Yaniv's new tunes. Moving into the new studio!!
88 27 Apr 2017 Kevin, Erin
Erin can't hide her emotions. The Satanic Bible. Steebs' friend Francesca. Birds & Bees talk. Alex's uuuuuhs. Gladiator Jousting. Drunk food. Erin's wild parties.

Continued on Front Page Episodes 2017 May-Aug....

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