The following Front Page episodes aired during 2016.

Ep Air Date Title Hosts
1 18 Oct 2016 Is Cereal A Soup? Kevin, Alex
Proof of concept stream. WAY overproduced.
2 24 Oct 2016 Yoshi Mosh Pit Kevin, Alex
ASS Jam with the Dear Hunter and shitting in jack o' lanterns
3 25 Oct 2016 Spanish Speaking Comas Kevin, Alex
ASS Jam, Digg, AT&T, and a person who woke from a coma speaking Spanish
4 26 Oct 2016 Foxberry Saga & Microsoft Surface Kevin, Alex
The new Surface, and Kevin's undying love for Foxberry. "I am nice man with large boy son."
5 27 Oct 2016 Macbook Pro Touch Pumpkin Kevin, Alex
Live reactions to Apple Keynote
6 1 Nov 2016 Bread Cats And Sad Pugs Kevin, Alex
Kevin's @Midnight experience, angering other streamers' fans, accidental racisms
7 2 Nov 2016 Large Boy Son Adventures Kevin, Alex
Nick is at a Full 7. Kevin and Alex have no interest in sex.
8 3 Nov 2016 Will.I.Am Macbook Pros And Kanye West Kevin, Alex
Eddie's chewed gum, Coral's broken nose, Google Home, Insult simulator
9 7 Nov 2016 Stone Cold Stuntin Kevin, Alex, Erin
Alex and Erin's weekend. Racists getting doxxed. A good dick. Face replacement. Shit Post 1. Broken clock logic. Door sandwiches. White freestyle rapping.
10 8 Nov 2016 Anime Babes And Wrestling Threats Kevin, Alex, Erin
Shit Post 2. Queefs and concealing farts. Sending nudes. WWE promos with Coral, Jake, Rachael, and Jeremy
11 9 Nov 2016 It's Legal! Kevin, Alex
Reactions to the US Presidential election
12 9 Nov 2016 The Sexual Times Of The Front Page Kevin, Alex, Jake
Bonus second episode. "My favorite Halo memory? (beat)." NYEECK! Sex fail stories.
13 10 Nov 2016 Threesome Shit Post Kevin, Alex, Erin
Restarts for racisms. Erin's sexual history. Shit Post 3. Faraday Motors.
14 14 Nov 2016 Sara Underwood #Rekt Kevin, Alex
Sara and Alessandra's Dangerbox. Party at KP's. Oculus Touch. Shit Post 4 & 5. Everyone hates KP. Dick pants. Recovery from party at KP's.
15 15 Nov 2016 Manhandling Hosts
VOD Blocked for copyright
16 16 Nov 2016 Dick Pants And Birddays Kevin, Alex, Erin
Pixel birthday present! I want to be ninja. Expensive Apple book. Nick's dick pants. Sandu Ciorba. KP's broken drums.
17 17 Nov 2016 Trapped In The Drawer Pt.2 Kevin, Alex
Riffing on Billy Ocean. Alex's gift for KP. Hitting on waitresses. Crazy drumming. Casio demo tape. Shit Post 6. RIP Drawery McDrawerface. Snapchat spectacles.
18 21 Nov 2016 Vision Quests And Fleshlights Kevin, Alex, Erin
Los plugged the podcasts. Gifts from Joey. Erin's weekend. Joshua tree mushrooms trip.
19 22 Nov 2016 Final Fantasy Garfield And Piracy Kevin, Alex, Erin
Electric cars. Kanye's mental health. Gaming journalism. Lasagna Cat and Grimmy. Thanksgiving. Spanish curse words.
20 23 Nov 2016 Illegal Sex Acts And Steam Sale Kevin, Alex
Alex on Amazon. Attack movie casting. OKGo "The One Moment" video. Alex bad at OW. UK limiting sex acts in porn. Planned Parenthood. Steam vs. GameStop.
21 28 Nov 2016 Broken Internets And Gambling Addictions Kevin, Alex, Erin
VOD contains off-stream conversation. RIP Erin's pants. Politician boy sexting. Don't knock it 'til you try it. Thanksgiving shenanigans. Things you can do with your hands. Alex We Need To Talk 1. Backpack Challenge.
22 29 Nov 2016 Flossed Teeth And Pirate Shanties Kevin, Alex
Alarm clock philosophies. On-stream flossing. Sidestream. r/BikiniBottomTweets. Enemy Turret Ahead! Clip of the clip of the clip of the clip.........
23 30 Nov 2016 Trash Waifus And Hentai Kevin, Alex
Nick's intros. Sexy cartoons. Sidestream signups. Kanye aaaaaah edit. 90's white rap. Fuck Steve and Sam. r/ReverseAnimalRescue. Intellivision.
24 1 Dec 2016 Hunting Poon And Bully Bonding Kevin, Alex
Brother bullying. KP sponsor hunting. Ranking fast food. KP's berrday month. Brosta Rica. The past year for The Attack. Sizzler commercial. Shit Post 7. Leaving Gamewisp.
25 5 Dec 2016 Playstation Experience & Depression Reaction Kevin, Alex
Dealing with depression. Alex's new apartment. The Encounter. Amazon Go. Laser hair removal. Playstation reaction videos. What women want. Youtube algorithm change.
26 6 Dec 2016 Effing The Bit & Personality Test KevinAlex
Eddie effs the bit. KP fake news. ESC Game Theater. Alex takes a Meyers-Briggs test.
27 7 Dec 2016 Legal Drugs And Final Fantasy Noodles KevinAlex
The hosts' burly arms. Fentanyl trafficking. Drug decriminalization. Alex We Need To Talk 2. Last Guardian. FF15 Cup Noodles. Tesla torque. Back to Patreon. Sara Underwood Patreon.
28 8 Dec 2016 Nintendo Switch And Tinder Dates Gone Wrong
Missing from Archive
29 12 Dec 2016 Drug Lord Villas And Hedgehogs Kevin, Alex, Erin
Yaniv's yoke house. Eddie's mom audio. Shit Post 8. Breaking up in a Barnes and Noble. Twitch AutoMod. Mario Run. KP leaving to shoot Hack My Life.
30 13 Dec 2016 Erin's Boudoir And Pokemon Alex, Erin
Country sayings. Erin's place. Lewd-sounding names. Show sponsored by Kushion. 'Member the 90's? Yooka Laylee. Hot springs. Garfield Pokemon. Erin's facebook pics.
31 14 Dec 2016 Erin And Alex Give Birth To A Hedgehog Alex, Erin
#NecesitoMasFrontPage. Widowmaker porn. Sonic fan art. Erin doesn't know things. Feathers in amber. Alex moved. Face combinations.
32 15 Dec 2016 Virtual Waifus And Comcast Woes Alex, Erin
"Gaming Talk Show." Gatebox virtual waifu. Overwatch Christmas skins. Wario vs Waluigi in bed. KP or Sessler? Comcast truck on icy road. Time Warner problems.

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