FAQ Boy Friday was a weekly livestream hosted by Sonja Reid and MissesMae. Until recently it was produced in the Attack Studio, and the show plans to return to Attack Media after the upcoming studio move. The show is streamed live on Sonja's and Mae's Twitch channels.

The first stream from the studio was on 23 September 2016. The show began 10 months prior to moving to the Attack studio. Its original hosts were Sonja, Hayli Metter, and Ally Gover. Ally left the show when it moved to the studio because of travel concerns, and Hayli left at the end of 2016 due to creative differences.

FAQ Boy Friday Segments Edit

Name Description
FAQ Boy of the Week Recent experiences with "FAQ Boys" (rude people)
FAQ Boy Tinder Tips Interesting Tinder profiles
FAQ Me in the Ask-Hole User-submitted Q&A and adviced
FAQ Boy 50/50 Guessing which is real, a cute video or a disgusting one
What Did We Learn? Recap

List of FAQ Boy Friday episodes Edit

This list begins when the show moved to The Attack studio.


Air Date

Guest Link
1 23 Sep 2016 MissesMae YouTube
2 7 Oct 2016 Jimmy Wong YouTube
3 14 Oct 2016 Jimmy Wong, Britanni Johnson YouTube
4 21 Oct 2016 TrainwithAlex YouTube
5 28 Oct 2016 CaptainSparklez YouTube
6 4 Nov 2016 Khail Anonymous YouTube
7 18 Nov 2016 Jimmy Wong, MissesMae YouTube
8 2 Dec 2016 Nickey Huntsman YouTube
9 16 Dec 2016 Mike Diva YouTube
MissesMae took over for Hayli Metter as host at the beginning of 2017.

Air Date

Guest Link
10 6 Jan 2017 LOLRenaynay YouTube
11 13 Jan 2017 Laura Lux YouTube
12 20 Jan 2017 Pamela Horton YouTube
13 27 Jan 2017 Zack Pearlman YouTube
14 3 Feb 2017 JD Witherspoon YouTube
15 10 Feb 2017 Win and Woo YouTube
16 17 Feb 2017 Sohinki YouTube

After this episode, Sonja announced on her YouTube channel that the show was "taking a break" from the studio while the Attack staff works to restructure.