"I'm a computer full of coffee!"
Erin Steeby is the cohost of The Attack and streams Let's Plays on the Attack channel a few days a week (usually after Front Page). She makes regular appearances on several other Attack shows. She's more commonly called "Steebs" (or "Steebz") than "Erin," both on the channel and within the community.

Erin's big heart, boundless enthusiasm, and apparent lack of any sort of filter bring a frenetic energy to the show. When she's around, there's really no telling what will happen next.
She first appeared on episode 208 (Dark Souls Butt Controller Challenge) and has been the regular cohost of the show since episode 212.

She's commonly referred to as a witch, ever since Jon Carnage called her one after she did a "mind-blowing" magic trick in episode 213.

She's featured in the attkSteebs and attkAyyy emotes, and her often meandering monologues are symbolized by the attkStar emote. "The Less You Know!"

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