Dynfeld is a recurring character on The Attack. He is a dinosaur and lawyer, ever since he went to law school during the hiatus before the show moved into the third studio. His role on the show is to thank new subscribers and tell jokes. Prior to law school, Dynfeld was a vocal Donald Trump supporter and regularly made very inappropriate remarks.



He is voiced by Jeremy Hache.

Dynfeld is featured in the attkRex emote.

A precursor character to Dynfeld was "Subasaurus," using the same dinosaur puppet, voiced by Yaniv Fituci. Subasaurus appeared in episodes 201-203, and was replaced by Dynfeld in the next episode.

The dinosaur puppet itself was made by Community Moderator EQWashu and her husband for a separate project the studio was working on. The puppet was completed on 31 August 2016, making that Dynfeld's unofficial birthday.

List of Attack Appearances Edit



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