Content is a daily morning show airing from 9am-1pm on the Attack's Twitch channel. It is hosted by Alex Corea and features Coral Frederick, Nick Limon, and Joey Thimian. Other members of the staff show up frequently. The show switched to its current format at the beginning of 2018, in response to Erin Steeby's departure.

The show functions both as a way to have content on the stream for long periods of time each day (hence the name) and to raise funds for the company.

Content was originally created as a twice-daily show hosted by Alex and Erin as a way to fill the void while The Attack is on hiatus. It was very similar in tone to early episodes of The Attack, and often featured stunts that doubled as Patreon, subscription, or donation drives.

Shots of nasty drank from an early episode

List of Content episodes Edit

Ep Air Date AM PM
1 30 Oct 2017 Fish sauce and hot sauce shots. Unecessary sexy costumes, cursed images, Alex wears a sexy Pacman ghost dress.
2 31 Oct 2017 Everyone dressed as Coral! Bobbing for onions, pie eating contest.
3 1 Nov 2017 Eating bugs Ouija board of stunts
4 2 Nov 2017 Erin paints sub names Chill afternoon, Discord shows their Attack gifs.
5 3 Nov 2017 The return of Gerard Deparjew! Patreon goal to send the crew to the Van Nuys Skyzone and to ... get Joey's mom on the show?
6 6 Nov 2017 The return of Dynfeld! YAAAAAS KWEEEEEN! Patreon goal to start a new RPG show!
7 7 Nov 2017 Radio DJ callouts for subs and patrons Mix Master Coral raps for subs and patrons
8 8 Nov 2017 Wheel of prizes Erin berates subs and patrons and beats Jason, Joey vomits at the mention of the word "wangus." Yeah, this was a weird one.
9 15 Nov 2017 replaced by Front Page with Sandeep Parikh and Milana Vayntrub Donation war to see which host runs a tennis ball cannon gauntlet
10 16 Nov 2017 Is Toad wearing a hat, or is that his head? Discussing conspiracy theories with Jason. Moustache auction. The return of Dirty Sanchez! (reward for a Patreon goal)
11 17 Nov 2017 Truth or Taze: answer the question or get shocked! Unpopular opinions, Erin vs. Joey spelling bee.
12 20 Nov 2017 Don Cheto (Coral) calls out subs, and sub goal to add a new emote! Alex puns on sub names, and Nick slaps him for it.
13 27 Nov 2017 Truth or Taste! Coral, Nick, and Joey answer tough questions or drink fish sauce. Wheel of embarrassing phone calls! Erin's mom, Alex's ex-girlfriend and ex-roommates dish out the awkwardness!
14 28 Nov 2017 Return of Dangerbox..... TOUNGE edition! Synth.Test[] Held Instead
15 30 Nov 2017 Lootboxes! Subs unlocked extra content, like adding Erin to the show, Coral (Nick) with a strong vocal fry, and overlays. Jason tells a story about peeing himself. No PM show was held.
16 1 Dec 2017 Soundboards get out of control. Jason attempts to build an IKEA dresser. Alex promotes the Patreon exclusive Taco Bell challenge between Joey & Nick. Alex & crew mess with Erin. Nick guesses Billy Joel songs. Alex sings Katy Perry & butts. Erin discovers a robot voice, and hilarity ensues. Alex & Erin play Pictionary around the letter H.
17 4 Dec 2017 Summary coming soon Summary coming soon
18 7 Dec 2017 Summary coming soon No PM show was held
19 8 Dec 2017 Replaced by Front Page. Erin announces she will be leaving The Attack at the end of the year (2017) to pursue other opportunities. Nick closes the show w/ a rendition of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" dedicated to Erin. Erin is alone and has a mini (hilarious) meltdown until Alex shows up. The gang discusses The Game Awards for 2017. Everyone (except Coral) tries to crawl through incredibly tiny holes. Erin is traumatized. Jason is declared the winner. Alex shows off new green screen assets available on The Attack's subreddit. Alex and Erin discuss Erin's announcement, and feels are had. The show ends with a loving embrace between Alex & Erin.
20 11 Dec 2017 Replaced by Front Page Summary coming soon
21 12 Dec 2017 Summary coming soon No PM show was held
22 13 Dec 2017 n/a Attack Holiday Special!!
23 14 Dec 2017 Replaced by Pointless w/ Brian Redban Summary coming soon
24 15 Dec 2017 The final official Content episode before the crew takes a break for the holidays. Alex & Erin make Christmas ornaments for new Twitch subs/Patrons. The gang discusses movies they've seen & Christmas songs. Everyone gets birthday hats in preparation to celebrate KP's upcoming birthday. This is followed by the final episode of Steebz Playz. KP plays Overwatch w/ Corrado & Erin. Alex, Erin & Nick play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Format Change Edit

After Erin's departure from The Attack, the show's format changed to a daily morning show, running from 9am-1pm and featuring a larger cast and more segments.

Ep Air Date Description
25 3 Jan 2018 The first Content episode of the new year. Alex, Coral, Nick & Joey are on the show. They discuss their new plans for the channel: earlier timeslot (9 am PT); longer Content w/ more interaction from the community, followed by a showing of a classic Attack episode.
26 4 Jan 2018 Summary coming soon
27 5 Jan 2018 Dubbed NOT Content: Alex, Nick & Joey are on the show. Everyone else is either sick or away. Alex discusses feedback for the Attack's content, and asks for suggestions on how they can improve going forward. Alex mentions popular Twitch streamers Traniwrecks & Manvsgame, and comments on Twitch/streaming culture, as well as mental health issues. The guys go on a poop tangent, just when you think the show can't get any shittier. Alejandro drops in, and talks about crypto currency. The crypto talk gets more serious when Yaniv and KevCap come in, and Alex wants an AttackCoin.

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