Content was a daily morning show airing from 9am-1pm on the Attack's Twitch channel. It is hosted by Alex Corea and features Coral Frederick, Nick Limon, and Joey Thimian. Other members of the staff show up frequently. The show switched to its current format at the beginning of 2018, in response to Erin Steeby's departure.

The show functions both as a way to have content on the stream for long periods of time each day (hence the name) and to raise funds for the company.

Content was originally created as a twice-daily show hosted by Alex and Erin as a way to fill the void while The Attack is on hiatus. It was very similar in tone to early episodes of The Attack, and often featured stunts that doubled as Patreon, subscription, or donation drives.

Shots of nasty drank from an early episode

List of Content episodes Edit

Ep Air Date AM PM
1 30 Oct 2017 Fish sauce and hot sauce shots. Unecessary sexy costumes, cursed images, Alex wears a sexy Pacman ghost dress.
2 31 Oct 2017 Everyone dressed as Coral! Bobbing for onions, pie eating contest.
3 1 Nov 2017 Eating bugs Ouija board of stunts
4 2 Nov 2017 Erin paints sub names Chill afternoon, Discord shows their Attack gifs.
5 3 Nov 2017 The return of Gerard Deparjew! Patreon goal to send the crew to the Van Nuys Skyzone and to ... get Joey's mom on the show?
6 6 Nov 2017 The return of Dynfeld! YAAAAAS KWEEEEEN! Patreon goal to start a new RPG show!
7 7 Nov 2017 Radio DJ callouts for subs and patrons Mix Master Coral raps for subs and patrons
8 8 Nov 2017 Wheel of prizes Erin berates subs and patrons and beats Jason, Joey vomits at the mention of the word "wangus." Yeah, this was a weird one.
9 15 Nov 2017 replaced by Front Page with Sandeep Parikh and Milana Vayntrub Donation war to see which host runs a tennis ball cannon gauntlet
10 16 Nov 2017 Is Toad wearing a hat, or is that his head? Discussing conspiracy theories with Jason. Moustache auction. The return of Dirty Sanchez! (reward for a Patreon goal)
11 17 Nov 2017 Truth or Taze: answer the question or get shocked! Unpopular opinions, Erin vs. Joey spelling bee.
12 20 Nov 2017 Don Cheto (Coral) calls out subs, and sub goal to add a new emote! Alex puns on sub names, and Nick slaps him for it.
13 27 Nov 2017 Truth or Taste! Coral, Nick, and Joey answer tough questions or drink fish sauce. Wheel of embarrassing phone calls! Erin's mom, Alex's ex-girlfriend and ex-roommates dish out the awkwardness!
14 28 Nov 2017 Return of Dangerbox..... TOUNGE edition! Synth.Test[] Held Instead
15 30 Nov 2017 Lootboxes! Subs unlocked extra content, like adding Erin to the show, Coral (Nick) with a strong vocal fry, and overlays. Jason tells a story about peeing himself. No PM show was held.
16 1 Dec 2017 Soundboards get out of control. Jason attempts to build an IKEA dresser. Alex promotes the Patreon exclusive Taco Bell challenge between Joey & Nick. Alex & crew mess with Erin. Nick guesses Billy Joel songs. Alex sings Katy Perry & butts. Erin discovers a robot voice, and hilarity ensues. Alex & Erin play Pictionary around the letter H.
17 4 Dec 2017 Coral talks about her trip to Cincinnati, OH. Alex talks about moving & Internet issues. Erin details growing up with a septic tank. Erin mentions her name change on Discord, and Alex changes it to LiveJasminRice. A mini sub train happens, and Alex beats up Joey. Alex & the chat quiz Erin on dates in history. Coral catches Alex mid-dab twice! Toad's head is dissected (not literally). The crew discuss Polygon's list of the best games of all time. Summary coming soon
18 7 Dec 2017 Summary coming soon No PM show was held
19 8 Dec 2017 Replaced by Front Page. Erin announces she will be leaving The Attack at the end of the year (2017) to pursue other opportunities. Nick closes the show w/ a rendition of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" dedicated to Erin. Erin is alone and has a mini (hilarious) meltdown until Alex shows up. The gang discusses The Game Awards for 2017. Everyone (except Coral) tries to crawl through incredibly tiny holes. Erin is traumatized. Jason is declared the winner. Alex shows off new green screen assets available on The Attack's subreddit. Alex and Erin discuss Erin's announcement, and feels are had. The show ends with a loving embrace between Alex & Erin.
20 11 Dec 2017 Replaced by Front Page Summary coming soon
21 12 Dec 2017 Summary coming soon No PM show was held
22 13 Dec 2017 n/a Attack Holiday Special!!
23 14 Dec 2017 Replaced by Pointless w/ Brian Redban Summary coming soon
24 15 Dec 2017 The final official Content episode before the crew takes a break for the holidays. Alex & Erin make Christmas ornaments for new Twitch subs/Patrons. The gang discusses movies they've seen & Christmas songs. Everyone gets birthday hats in preparation to celebrate KP's upcoming birthday. This is followed by the final episode of Steebz Playz. KP plays Overwatch w/ Corrado & Erin. Alex, Erin & Nick play Player Unknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

Format Change Edit

After Erin's departure from The Attack, the show's format changed to a daily morning show, running from 9am-1pm and featuring a larger cast and more segments.

Ep Air Date Description
25 3 Jan 2018 The first Content episode of the new year. Alex, Coral, Nick & Joey are on the show. They discuss their new plans for the channel: earlier timeslot (9 am PT); longer Content w/ more interaction from the community, followed by a showing of a classic Attack episode.
26 4 Jan 2018 The gang talks about what they did for New Year's. Alex starts a discussion about what is the best flavor and changes the subject to "Slightly Wrong T-Shirts" when he realizes that he was wrong. Joey brings a KFC tweet he likes and we learn that he has trouble reading out loud. Nick challenges Joey to an IQ test (PSATs) that was done on Patreon. Yaniv came on to defend all the new furniture he purchased for the studio and the minor refurbishing of the kitchen. Alex talks about doing stand-up in LA as well as hecklers (showing the video of the guy who hits a heckler with his guitar). We watched a drunk person shoot off fireworks from their bum. The gang discusses Logan Paul, YouTube, and YouTube's content rules. This lead to the game "Logan Paul or Cult Leader" with Alex and Coral guessing. In Send News the gang talks about a list of things that people have been admitted to the ER for. They rank Fast Food chains and Alex, of course, states that Taco Bell is number one. As a warmup Alex has Nick and Joey face off with the Wonderlic to end the show.
27 5 Jan 2018 Dubbed NOT Content: Alex, Nick & Joey are on the show. Everyone else is either sick or away. Alex discusses feedback for the Attack's content, and asks for suggestions on how they can improve going forward. Alex mentions popular Twitch streamers Traniwrecks & Manvsgame, and comments on Twitch/streaming culture, as well as mental health issues. The guys go on a poop tangent, just when you think the show can't get any shittier. Alejandro drops in, and talks about crypto currency. The crypto talk gets more serious when Yaniv and KevCap come in, and Alex wants an AttackCoin.
28 8 Jan 2018 Coral was sick and Joey got worried that he was next. Mayron was working the soundboard cause Nick had an appointment and does a voice to thank Subs. "I'm gonna get you off in 3 seconds" made it to the top of /r/Videos. Discuss AGDQ up production value, sub only chat, and other streamers re streaming to get around sub only chat. "Ugandan Knuckles" meme/VRChat are broken down and discussed. CES highlights and luggage that follows you. Discuss the Golden Globes winners and snubs. Alex attempts to help Joey and Nick work out the biggest three grievances they have as roommates. Alex gave out Discord Chat Awards. Jason talks about turning 40 and his hospital visit.
29 9 Jan 2018 Alejandro drops by to talk about Yaniv's Hospital Visit video KevCap cut for Patreon cause he stars in the re-enactment. Jason tries different veggies for every sub that comes in so that he can start living better. Alex breaks down the return of Tyler1 to League of Legends and the impact it had on Twitch/Twitch Communities. Alex adds inspiration for people to sub by having FishBoyJr (Mayron) rap for subs as well. They discuss LG's demo, the new thin Samsung TV, Phillips Hue bulbs, and other highlights from CES day 2. Yaniv baked a cake for Calmer, and Zetty's birthdays. Nick shows off Battle Royale mobile games and Alex plays them live on stream.
30 10 Jan 2018 Alex attempts to make prank calls. "Nick Wins" at competitions unlocked by new subs. Nick showed the gang 2017's PornHub stats. They discuss the awkward sharing of the couch and donations at AGDQ. The gang looks at a Wiki How article on how to put a curse on someone. Joey insights a fight between Discord and Twitch chat. Alex decides to settle it by having the two chats post their funniest memes to make Eddie laugh. Alex brings a video classic Screen Savers moment and Jeremy explains why it is actually a bit. The gang pitches new tech ideas to hopefully take to CES in a bit called Start Tank.
31 11 Jan 2018 Coral got new shoes and Alex leads the conversation to body hair. Coral unleashes her rage "for 20 unbridled seconds" on other members of the staff for new subs, but after 40min it was changed to Corrado's idea to "smell for subs". A video from an ep of Malcom in the Middle is shown where a PA can be seen and they show other clips where mistakes like this happened in TV/Film. The gang talks about people eating Tide Pods. The gang breaks down the announcements from Nintendo Direct. They discuss YouTube's decision to demonetize content creators for breaking ToS.
32 12 Jan 2018 Joey and Nick are excited because they are having their Mac & Cheese Party. Alex shows off his collection sun glasses he uses to blow off the haters. Nick heads to Jason's apartment for a tour around his place. This leads to a pledge drive to do a makeover and have a Topless Maid clean it. During the donation goal Nick creates his "You Crazy For This One" character. Coral brings up the new Taylor Swift video for "Big Conversation" that the gang breaks down (though many many many pauses). Next they discuss the excitement for Overwatch League tournament held in LA.
33 15 Jan 2018 Alex pulled a comment from chat where Coral was called "Carol". He quickly changed the subject to "Snap Lenses" including ones that "he made" the night before. The sub goal was a special custom Slam Poem from "The Artist" (Alejandro). The gang brought Corrado to come in to explain his drinking stream with Mike Rotondo. The gang discussed a Swatting Incident a person was charged for the death of an innocent man over a Call of Duty match. Nick discussed the Google Arts and Culture app where they showed off the Staff's results. Coral talked about her past job as a PA. Alex complained about his experience with with Google's return policy (even though he is in the wrong).
34 16 Jan 2018 Tin Can Roulette was the sub reward where the wheel was rigged with non-labeled tin cans that members of the staff would have to eat while blindfolded. Alex brought up the CJayride controversy and ban from Twitch. Nick showed us the Capital Wasteland (Fallout 3 Mod Expansion). The gang watch the lightsaber edit of Enter the Dragon. From the clip Alex showed a video of a guy playing a Taiko Drum Master machine which lead to a discussion of Anime and Action movies (he still hasn't seen The Matrix).
35 17 Jan 2018 Started off with Alex taking shots at Nick's play in PUBG the night before. Alex brought up YouTube's changing of their Ad Qualifying Rules. Alex took a stance on people consuming coffee/alcohol that polarized the room. The gang discussed New California's desire to succeed from the rest of California. Nick showed off a video of a mod made in Banjo Kazooie to create Mario64. Yaniv suprised Joey with a cake and baby photos for his birthday that was sent by his Mom. Alex used the opportunity to flirt with Joey's Mom. The gang took the test that the President took for his yearly physical. Alex brought in Alejandro and Eddie to discuss crypto currency and the "January Dip".
36 18 Jan 2018 Started with news where Nick discussed the Nintendo LABO. The LABO discussion prompted Alex to tease a video he would show later of the box he made to trick Yaniv. Next the discussion moved to Twitch and Alejandro came in to reenact the clip of Andy Dick on his last stream. Alex then moved the conversation to a video of a kid who ordered a smoking lamp from Amazon and was caught by his Mom. This lead to a discussion of parents going through kids stuff. Joey brought forth the announcement that ESL One and CS:GO Pro League are streaming exclusively on Facebook.
37 19 Jan 2018 Another show, another half-baked sub stunt. For every Twitch sub, a "Health Bar" appeared on the screen to extend the show by 10 minutes. And if they ran out of health bars, the show would end. The crew debated whether Kool-Aid Man was made of glass or liquid. They dissected Coral's tweet about kimchi. Yaniv continually lost the "circle game" to Alex. They talk about James Bond for some reason. A funny montage of Nick dying in PUBG is played. And Coral forgot about her Katy Perry story.
38 22 Jan 2018 Alex started the stream by letting us know that there was a Government Shutdown, but no one knew what that meant. Alex then let us know he watched his first Jackie Chan movie and is now in love with the Action Movie genre. Coral discussed the Razzie Nominations for this year. Alex shared some hot takes about Twitter's Video Player while sharing a video of a Pokemon Center. Joey discussed the opening of Amazon's Go Store in Seattle. The Doc is back on Twitch and the gang is okay with that (for the first time Alex didn't pause the video while watching).
39 23 Jan 2018 The show started with Alex bringing up sleeping etiquette. Nick showed us the new God of War trailer which announced the Apr 20th release date. Coral walked us through the Oscar Nominations which lead to a chant for Kobe Bryant. Alex showed off the new Playstation Totaku collectibles that are coming out soon. Which lead to a discussion of everyone's favorite Nickelodon cartoons. Then we discussed gif stickers have come to Instagram Stories and Jason's epic hashtags. Then we ended up discussing the current state of Twitch with speculation and analysis.
40 24 Jan 2018 Joey started things off with controversy of Twitch Streamers getting banned for streaming Dota2 matches while ESL has a deal with Facebook. The gang watched Burger King's Net Neutrality commercial. Alex teased a video he is making of the Community PUBG featuring Nick he will put out later this week. Alex showed us the Apple HomePod announcement which lead to a discussion of which is the better Bluetooth speaker for your home. Alex showed off drawings of "Cars of the Future" done by kids for the Detroit Auto Show. Lastly the gang broke down Hannibal Buress's arrest video when he was in Miami.
41 25 Jan 2018 The Attack welcomes special guest Gina DeVivo! An animated clip of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" performed by farts brought the laughs. Gina carried on the old Attack tradition of punching Alex not once but twice! The first punch wasn't seen on stream because of lag on the camera feed, so the chat demanded another punch! The second punch was shown successfully, but the chat still declared "Lag!" in an effort to troll Alex. They played various games to get to know Gina, including digging into her past social media posts, and her appearance on Hannah Montana!
42 26 Jan 2018 Nick was wearing a vest which lead to Joey and Nick arguing over who has more body hair. Alex teased a new show that they making in the "next few weeks". Nick showed highlights from his wins in PUBG with community from the night before. Joey brought up that he was banned on a Chatterbate for streaming Dota2. Coral showed us a twitter thread where someone synced Kidz Bop songs to the Artist's videos for the songs they are covering. Morning shenanigans are followed by the 2nd ever office Nerf Wars.
43 29 Jan 2018 Alex showed the video of Jason's cleaned and upgraded Apartment. Coral showed off the latest Meme to come out of China "Karma's a Bitch". Joey showed us the winning round from Street Fighter EVO Japan. Alex then started a deep discussion on how many "y"s is too many when texting a person "hey" which evolved into a discussion about Friendships and ages differences.
44 30 Jan 2018 Alex showed us the Isopod Meme and we learned what it is all about together. Some guy wants to name his kid "Goku" and Coral fears for their marriage. Joey showed us another clip from EVO with some excited casters. Eddie came on the stream to announce his departure and chat let him know that he will be missed. Alex showed off his most complex Circle Game gotcha on Yaniv.
45 31 Jan 2018 To avoid talking about the State of the Union Alex played the famous call between LBJ and a Tailor. The gang discussed Nintendo and their games/outlook for 2018 because notes from the Investors call were made public. Alex took a stance that "newer films/games are better than older because the technology is better" and the gang/chat took some umbrage with that. Coral showed off a trailer for an upcoming horror movie that lead to a discussion on why Joey doesn't like the Horror genre. Alex wants to live in a 55+ community. The gang discussed the reporting of celebs who purchased twitter followers. Alex took many combative stances though out the episodes that lead to some interesting conversations...
46 01 Feb 2018 The Attack welcomes special guest Sarah Stoecker. Started with a game of "This or That" so we could get to know Sarah better. Mario Kart is coming to mobile next year and Alex is concerned how Yoshi fits in his cart with his tail. Coral brought up NPR's article catching up with Left Shark. The gang found the person that they will buy all their future refrigerators from. Google let us know that "soon" we will be able to personalize "Ok, Google" on Android based devices. Alex was once an improv teacher which he used to intro Sarah doing scenes with Jason. We learned that Sarah plays Dodgeball in an adult rec league. Alex showed off the video he had made for him of him killing Nick in PUBG. Alex and Sarah did a Hot Sauce challenge before Sarah did some improv with Jason to end the show.
47 05 Feb 2018 The Attack welcomes special guest Caroline Newton. They started off with a game of "Caroline in No Time" so we could learn more about our Guest. They spent most of the show talking about the Super Bowl and that Philly is still rioting. We learned that Joey is an Eagles fan and that explains so much... They talked about the Wing Bowl which is a Philadelphia tradition held the morning of the Super Bowl. Alex broke down the party at Jeremy's that "Everyone from work was invited to" and how he ended up in a pool. Caroline and Alex played a game where they sipped from cups of blended food for fast food places and Mayron had to eat the 5th and final cup. Chat won this bit. Coral showed us that Doritos is making chips just for Women and it reminded Alex of the time Dr Pepper made a soda for men.
48 06 Feb 2018 The Attach welcomes special guest Hannah Leskosky. Things kicked off with the "60sec Hannah Bonanza" where we got to know our guest. They discussed the Selfie Kid from the Super Bowl and Justin Timberlake's new albums. Coral showed us a video proving that all Travel Posts on Instagram are the same which lead to the Meta of Instagram. Hannah discussed ventriloquism and we learned that the puppets make Nick uncomfortable. Alex and Hannah made drinks based on ingredients that matched colors they picked.
49 15 Feb 2018 The Podcast room is haunted and nothing works the way it did hours before, but Nick fixed it. Alex talked about the Winter Olympics and discussed how disappointed in it he is. Alex changed the subject to Carrot Top where we learned that Coral has never seen him before. This lead to a Donation Goal for Alex and Coral to go see Carrot Top perform in LA. Lastly the gang talked about when they were growing up and the first time they got their own money how much soda and candy they purchased to make themselves sick.
50 16 Feb 2018 Twitch introduced "Rooms" today and Alex created a room for "AlexHate" and "CoralLike" to let people say they really feel. Black Mirror created an App that predicts when your relationship will end. Joey showed a video of some Dog Metal and it lead to a discussion about Dogs and if they should be able to speak. We learned that Coral doesn't mind the attkDon emote cause the "mustache is cool". The gang discussed the Winter Olympics again today because it is sweeping the nation. Alex broke down the Donkey Kong lore.
51 19 Feb 2018 Joey adjust the camera. Through 21 pauses we watched Fergie sing the National Anthem. Alex argues that Jack Black is "The Jewel of Hollywood". We watched Videos of a Furby Organ and Nintendo Labo games. Joey is in love with Curling and the Norwegian Ski Jumper has a nice moustache. Alex's laptop died again and he wants to get a new one. We looked at computer generated Candy Hearts and Sci-Fi movie script. Argue why Taco Bell is the best fast food. A video about finding Grandpa's Cell Phone in his shoe sparks an intense discussion about phone cases which led to Alex saying he wants to make a Mouse Pad of him with Boobs.
52 26 Feb 2018 The Attack welcomes special guest Doc Rouch! The chat noted that Coral looked like Parappa the Rapper, but Doc was far more accurate with the Steve Zissou comment. Doc brought in his Spartan 5, Shadow Trooper helmet that he made on his stream that the gang tried on (and Alex totally didn't break). They discussed the return of the Nokia 8110 "Banana Phone" and the 3310 what phones were cool before smartphones. The conversation then lead them to Samsung's new Animogis and the new S9. Alex reminded us of Hooters' short lived airline and wanted to create a male version till he found out it was already done. Doc opted not to #PunchAlex but gave him a loving hug instead.
53 27 Feb 2018 Alex showed a video from SungWon and the gang discussed when "farting in front of friends becomes okay". Nick talked/reviewed about Chrono Trigger released on steam today. Alex changed the subject to discuss Twitter Moments and Trending Topics. Joey discussed Google Clips which Alex used to talk about his experience with Google's support. Alex introduced us to "Yeetin' " with a series of vidoes. Joey brought up his growing affection for Hoda.
54 06 Mar 2018 Today featured special guest Salma Zeky! They played a rousing game "What don't we know about you?" where Joey showed off his daily tamale. Coral let us know that today was National Oreo Day and the sub goal of dunking Oreo's into different things would be the sub stunt for the day. Alex then showed us that Mario is officially a plumber again. This led to a discussion on Mario and Peach's relationship. We looked at concept car from the Detroit Auto Show.
55 08 Mar 2018 The gang started talking about music tastes and music as you age. This lead to a discussion about AI and the future with it. They touched on the game announcements from the day including PUBG, CoD, and Pre-Nintendo Direct speculation. There was a great wrestling discussion that stemmed from Mayron's desire to take Coral to a show. Coral gave us a Bachelor update over some controversy that happened in the other day. We also looked over Joey's Yelp profile. Jason mentions that he was once on an IRL stream he didn't expect to be on. This lead to a discussion about the origins of IRl as we know it.
56 09 Mar 2018 Nick started off the stream discussing his new haircut (it looks really nice) which lead to a greater discussion of men's haircuts in general. Joey eventually changed the subject to the discussion of all the announcements from Nintendo Direct the evening before. Coral showed us Modcloth which makes apparel for "Podcast Hosting". The gang talked about Soe's "comment controversy" from the Overwatch League stream. Nick gushes of the newly released Mulaka for Switch. Joey discussed his Fursona and all the LA Furry groups he joined. Joey went over LiveStreamFail's discussion on banning Swatting from the subreddit. Nick read Brink's short story about Joey's funeral based on the information from Joey's Yelp review yesterday.
57 12 Mar 2018 Joey, Coral, and Nick discussed that Daylight Savings Time is terrible and needs to go away (especially since they struggle with just using PT only instead of pst/pdt). Joey did a breakdown of Taylor Swift's new song Delicate. The gang compared broken bones stories after Joey mentioned that he wanted to get a motorcycle. YouTube TV is increasing its price and this lead to a discussion about what internet sub services are worth it. Cross play is coming to Fortnite except between PlayStation and X Box One. Coral and Nick squeed over the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer. Dota unveiled a new subscription service called Dota Plus as an evolution to the Battle Pass. Joey criticized Gabe Newell's PowerPoint abilities; also Artifact is coming out.
58 15 Mar 2018 Joey talked about his diminished sleep schedule. Ninja and Drake played Fortnite and it set Twitch a blaze with conversations including the gang. Joey discussed the reception of the DrDisrespect trailer/Attack Arcade Ep5 that was received. The gang remanisced about Toys'R'Us and the other bygone stores from their childhoods. There was discussion about playing games on Twitch, but who does that? KP came in to help the gang discuss more on the Ninja and Drake Fortnite on Twitch. Geralt is coming to Soul Caliber and Shadow of the Tomb Raider is coming this fall.
59 16 Mar 2018 The gang discussed Pocky varieties, sodas, and their deliciousness. The gang discussed the lifespan of Caveman. We watched the trailer to Infinity War WITH NO PAUSES! This lead to a discussion of Marvel vs DC Cinematic Universes. They reminisced about their first M rated games. We looked at Fortnite Beta on iOS and it runs pretty well. We talked about the Galaxy S9 that is coming out soon and the phones we used to have. Snapchat is dead and Jason went into the origin of Instagram. Joey and Nick said that next Friday they are going to play "A Way Out" for stream. The gang visited MemeEconomy and discussed the dankness of Memes.
60 19 Mar 2018 Today featured Special Guest BBXH! Biggest story of the day was discussed first Logan Paul has come to Twitch and everyone is opinionated about it. BBXH had to go so the gang began to discussed their trip to SXSW but were quickly interrupted by a Pirate Yaniv and KP that brought in a Treasure Chest. After they opened the booty they discussed their trip to Austin with a little background on the award Alex presented. Joey showed a story of a Ski Lift failure in Georgia where the lift suddenly went backwards. Nick showed us a new game called "Text and Drive" where you play both on your PC and your Phone together. The gang watched the new Run the Jewels and Lil Dicky music videos that everyone is talking about (with all the pauses you expect).
61 22 Mar 2018 Today Featured Special Guest Snugzmeow! Alex told the story of the time he and Yaniv met a writer of Full House in a dinner. They watched the a Kindergarten weather report and Alex wasn't buying it. Snugzmeow was greeted with one fact from each of the gang. They talked about the Macy's Day Parade and the times where balloons failed. They talked about cosplay and compared shitty vs kick-ass. Discord showed us the new waffle stuffed KFC Double Down.
62 23 Mar 2018