The Attack has a loyal community of fans. The "official" name for the community is the Attack Pile or just the Pile, and often they are simply referred to as the Attack fam. Since the stream is community funded, the fans are literally the reason the stream exists. The community interacts with the Attack staff and with each other in several ways.

Community Interaction Edit

Twitch Chat Edit

As a Twitch show, an obvious means of community interaction is within the Twitch chat itself. Chat is occasionally interacted with on The Attack and on Front Page. Twitch chat is where emotes are used.

Discord Edit

The main way that the Attack community interacts with each other and with members of the Attack staff is through the Discord server. Front Page and the podcasts feature extensive interaction with Discord's text chat. Discord allows use of Twitch emotes in text chat, and it has its own emotes as well.

Reddit Edit

The Attack subreddit is a place where members of the community can post things they find on the internet that may be worth including on the show or are otherwise interesting. It's also the main place where fan-made pictures and videos are shared.

Moderators Edit


Channel and community moderators are volunteers who help keep the peace within the community and make sure everyone's having fun. They're there to help, so if you ever need something feel free to ask one!

Steltek is the administrator of the Discord server, and is also a channel & community Moderator.

Other channel & community Moderators are:

  • Calmer
  • Drunkle_Ted
  • EQWashu
  • FlyingQueso
  • HaislipsPuddingStirrer
  • KevinClose
  • MokkaBean
  • Oxnys
  • Ronin_Monkey
  • SonOfOrpheus
  • St3althhawk
  • SwiftUndertow
  • ZettyDaYeti
  • ZMD113

Fan Doings and Whatnots Edit

Several fans make fan videos for The Attack, most notably jason_woot, JesTr82, BestCarolina, and Zanerli.

SonOfOrpheus made this wiki. :)