Current Staff Edit

Name Role(s) Member Since
Kevin Pereira
Chief Executive Officer Original
Alex Corea
Host, Head Writer Original
Erin Steeby
Host October 2016
Yaniv Fituci
Vice President Original
Corrado Caretto
Executive Producer/Director January 2016
Jeremy Hache
Executive Producer May 2016
Carlos Rivera
Technical Producer Original
Coral Frederick
Producer May 2016
Nick Limon
Producer May 2016
Joey Thimian
Producer January 2016
Mike Rotondo Producer May - October 2016,

May 2017 - present

Bradley Register Audio Engineer May 2016
Rob Fee Writer June 2017
Josh Flaum Writer June 2017
Brent Washlake Supervising Post Producer June 2017
Nik Visger Editor June 2017
Kevin Cappiello Editor March 2016
Rachael King Editor May 2016
Edward Estrada Graphics Editor May 2015
Alejandro Beltran Assistant Editor
Rich Robertst Editor June 2017
Frank Kivo Editor June 2017
Adam Zucker Online Editor June 2017
Jason Spence
Director of Photography May 2016
Mayron Baptista Field Producer May 2016
Caezar Ornelas Camera Operator, Social Media Jan 2017
Phil Gavlan Network Administrator March 2015
Jake Strouckel Marketing Director Late 2015
Kevin Close Social Media

Past Staff Edit

Name Role Tenure
Evanne Friedmann Cohost Nov. 2015 - June 2016
Liz Forkin Kunert PA, Producer, Studio Manager April 2015 - October 2016
Blythe Wiedemann PA, Producer April 2015 - October 2016
James Haffner Marketing Director 2015
Sarah Atwood Sarine Producer May - October 2016
Mike Rotondo Producer May - October 2016
Anthony Carboni Host of What's News May - October 2016
Trisha Hershberger Host of What's News May - October 2016
Steve Zaragoza Host of Mostly Harmless May - October 2016
Amy Vorpahl Writer May - October 2016

Friends of the Show Edit

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