"People say you're a terrible person. I don't agree."
The Attack episode 97 aired on 26 October 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Jeff Cannata. Kevin's cousin/nephew Little Lenny (Alex Corea) appeared throughout the show.

Kevin and Jeff discussed the newest allegations of rape against Bill Cosby.

Lenny showed up on camera and destroyed some of the set. Kevin sent him off to make Jeff and sandwich, but he put the sandwich in the copy machine and then in his pants.

After a few Pile videos, Lenny came back to deliver Jeff's sandwich and ate some mayonnaise out of the bottle. Kevin sent him off to play a game. Lenny broke a computer monitor and then squirted mayonnaise on it, then ate his pants sandwich in tears.

After a few more videos, Lenny returned and tried to prank Jeff, but it backfired.

Kevin showed a video of a man smoking weed for the first time in 20 years.


Lenny accidentally killed a cat. Steltek came by and calmed him down with some mayonnaise.

Lenny put together some news images for Kevin and Jeff to improvise the news from.

The Rundown Edit

Blythe presented.

Attack Top Knewz Edit

  • No Man's Sky developer denies the game will be released tomorrow
  • Xbox One added Burnout Paradise to its list of backwards compatible 360 games
  • Fallout is making a beer, but it's expensive and only available in the UK

In Depth Edit

  • A bill introduced that will replace copper internet cables with fiber optic ones
  • Arkham Knight is coming to PC (again)
  • Net Neutrality lawyers investigating providers in NYC
  • Sony will not be releasing new PS Vita games, but will have more color options

Alex joined Kevin and Jeff for TPOTSWIC to close out the show, and they streambombed KoozyL.

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