"It's like a chorus of masturbators."
The Attack episode 88 aired on 5 October 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Alex Corea.

Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg were shooting a pilot at the studio during the beginning of the episode. Kevin and Alex had to talk quietly while they were filming.

Kevin showed footage of Alex on the Geek and Sundry stream almost breaking their Rock Band guitar.


In the spirit of urban exploration, Alex bashed a hole in a brand new wall in the studio and found a some N64 carts and parts of a hooker in there. Alex filled the hole with a cat.

Eddie sent in an edit of the Alex Geek and Sundry video.

Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg joined as guests!

In a new segment called "Dank Ranks," the chat voted on their favorite video game food. Alex and Kevin both ate "turkey" (chicken) that they found in the hole in the wall, just like in Castlevania.


In The Rundown, Blythe presented:

  • Oculus will cost over $350
  • Star Wars Battlefront released a new beta
  • XBox One will now allow remapping for all controllers

The show ended with a quick TPOTSWIC and they streambombed MadDogMurdoc.

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