"You poured that down my shirt you motherfucker."
The Attack episode 79 aired on 9 Sep 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Sandeep Parikh. The show's set was revamped, and would remain in this new form until the show moved studios the following year.

Alex solicited MSPaint fan art of the Last Supper with an Attack spin to replace the one from the set where Jesus is doing cocaine.


"Last Kiss" by Andrew Wimpy

Alex and Sandeep competed against each other in "Attack Speed Dating," where they used grabbers to take Liz and Blythe on a "date" as fast as possible. Alex won, and Sandeep hurt Liz's tooth.

Alex put his picture on r/RoastMe.

Blythe reviewed the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series.

In The Rundown, Liz discussed:

  • The Apple Keynote: iPad Pro
  • Scammers locking phones through an Android porn app
  • LG "wallpaper" TV that mounts with magnets
  • Metal Gear 5 has a bug that makes it impossible to save

The show ended with TPOTSWIC and they streambombed FluffableSheep.

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