"Everyone under 8 is gay!" - Alex
The Attack episode 77 aired on 2 Sep 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Trisha Hershberger. Alex announced the show was looking into a new logo and viewers could vote on the ideas they like so they could be taken under consideration during the design.

Alex and Trisha assembled a giant "Attack Burger" out of a birthday cake, several Whoppers and Big Macs, and 2 giant buns. Then Alex added hot sauce with the AMERI-CANNON and took a big bite!

In Jonesing for an Indie, Trisha played Flywrench while Alex reviewed it.

In The Rundown, Liz discussed:

  • Steam getting an an uncensored sex game called Kindred Spirits on the Roof
  • Acer making a gaming smartphone
  • Call of Duty 3 preorder incentives
  • Android wearables compatible with iOS

The show ended with TPOTSWIC, and they streambombed SilentCentury.

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