"Alex is quick to hate and quick to dick." - Liz
The Attack episode 75 aired on 28 August 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Alex Corea. Alex had an especially bad case of verbal diarrhea this episode. They showed footage from the Let's Play stream from the day before, where staff members played Mario Maker and were punched with a pneumatic punching glove for every $100 donated. They also had 5 minutes to beat each level or got zapped with a shock collar.

"Virile" Blythe reviewed It Follows. She and Kevin both hated it.

In The Rundown, Liz pulled the following from her news box:

  • A Borderlands movie
  • Law Breakers gameplay footage
  • Assassin's Creed movie
  • eSports could possibly become and Olympic sport

Kevin talked about the uncertain financial future of the show. Then he closed out the show by opening some Hearthstone card packs. The show streambombed TrainWithAlex.

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