"I know you been hurtin.' You about to hurt some more."
The Attack episode 72 aired on 21 Aug 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira, Alex Corea, and Julia Keefe. Alex set up a first-person game for people to "Skype in and play." James was the first player, but just commanded the character to do office work.

The second player turned out to be the guy from KindaFunnyGames, who commanded the character to go to a laptop and subscribe to KindaFunnyGames. The final player commanded the character to fuck the company's Power Wheel. The bit was mercy killed after that.


Blythe reviewed Life Is Strange. Lots of people donated with poop-related messages, much to Kevin's chagrin.

In The Rundown, Liz discussed:

  • A hub that uses Thunderbolt 3 that can charge a laptop, drive 2 4k monitors, and power USB devices all on the same cable
  • New Instagram update raises privacy concerns about location data
  • Crowdfunding for the new game GRIP

The show streambombed TheMavShow.

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