"Is that on the schedule? Or is it just fun dickarounds, lemme check. Oh, it's just fun dickarounds."
The Attack episode 68 aired on 12 Aug 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Anthony Carboni. Alex made a Star Wars Special Edition box set fart the Imperial March.


Anthony had to get Alex to guess words, Pyramid-style, for things he'd never experience, like "success" and "friendship."

Anthony and Alex talked about Lumberjack Man, a movie that Adam Sessler acted in that was to be released soon. They also discussed the Hateful 8 trailer.

Liz asked the guys to turn up the thermostat and they shot at her for her insolence.

Liz presented The Rundown and discussed:

  • ESL is adopting anti-drug rules for their competitions
  • Halo 5 got a Teen rating instead of Mature
  • Google wants Android One phones to cost $50
  • Google now has a parent company called Alphabet

The show ended with TPOTSWIC, and they streambombed Vespher.

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