The Attack episode 64 aired on 31 Jul 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Malik Forte.

Alex showed his "completely original" video from 1989 (which is before he was born), where all the noises from Super Mario Land were replaced with Tim Allen grunts.

Then he filled a condom with water and flung it offscreen, where it apparently hit its target.

Sony "sent" the show a new very-high-ISO camera and it was used to see what members of the staff were up to in the darkened studio. Eddie and Los looked like they were up to no good until the camera showed otherwise. Liz's true form was revealed (it was Eddie dressed as Liz).


Malik and Alex played "Shuck My Mouth" until it set off Kevin's new "dick joke alarm." Rightly.

Liz presented The Rundown and discussed:

  • Rocket League free DLC announced
  • Playstation Plus members will get to vote on their free monthly game (this sparked discussion of pay-to-play games)
  • Some Wii U exclusive games will be released for other consoles
  • Famous hacker Maxbox streamed himself hacking TF2 on Youtube until he got counterhacked
  • Star Wars Battlefront adding team deathmatch
  • Samsung releasing a new monitor that has a wireless phone charger

The show ended with TPOTSWIC.

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