"You don't know the joy of foreclosing on a homeless person. I mean, it's ironic!"
The Attack episode 63 aired on 29 Jul 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Sandeep Parikh. This is the first episode of The Attack where Alex Corea did not appear. The donation incentive for the show was for every $5, one Twizzler was stuffed into a sleeping Eddie's mouth, up to $300. It was maxed out quickly. :)

Kevin cut together a video calling out all of his exes.

The Twizzlers were stuffed into Eddie's mouth, and he choked and died, ruining the bit as per usual. He was given a proper Mexican burial under 3 sombreros.

Kevin discussed the Minnesota dentist that killed Cecil the lion, in a segment he called "That's Not Hunting, Ya Fucktard."

The Rundown was presented by Liz and discussed:

  • Nokia announced a VR camera, the Ozo
  • Halo 5 will have no split-screen in any mode
  • Splatoon releasing free updates
  • The SimCity mobile app
  • WoW making an announcement later
  • Kojima's name removed from Metal Gear box (Kevin's take: "meh")
  • Stephen Hawking's AMA, and AI in general

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