"I've never wanted to spike a dildo and run out of a store so much."
The Attack episode 62 aired on 27 July 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Alex Corea.

Alex talked about the sketchy massage parlor he goes to.

Kevin and Alex discussed MineCon at length.

Alex showed off the new cereal spoon that he got from Amazon, but it was actually a dildo with a spoon taped to it.

Kevin and Alex talked about Rocket League, because it's awesome.

Alex showed footage of 1920's baseball great Hopping Hector Homerunriguez (Eddie), the best bounce-catchman in the history of the sport.


The Rundown was presented by Liz! She discussed:

  • Razer acquired Ouya for its ForgeTV
  • Hori TAC4 Keyboard and Mouse for PS4
  • WWE 2k16 will have T-800 and T-1000 playable characters
  • A tech company claims to have found a huge security hole in Android
  • FCC approved AT&T taking over DirecTV

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