The Attack episode 60 aired on 22 Jul 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Jeff Cannata. Alex did not host, but was on hand pretending to be the "LOL Troll" to "hack the show" for donations and to make Jeff look bad.


Kevin and Jeff got very excited about Dad Jokes. Kevin beat Jeff in a cup-stacking competition, but Jeff was the real winner because he got to have sex with his wife that night.

Alex hacked the show and caused Jeff to say terrible things to Kevin.

After a few Pile videos, Alex sabotaged Kevin's router modification segment by invisibly switching out items that Kevin asked Jeff for. (Alex was wearing a green morph suit to appear invisible against a green screen).

The Rundown discussed:

  • Apple has 75% of the smart watch market (which is tiny)
  • Fallout 3 train was revealed to be an NPC with a train car for a head
  • The planned Emoji movie, and how bad Pixels is

Alex replaced Jeff's arms with his own and made rude gestures at Kevin until Kevin kicked Jeff off the show. Alex took his place, but his shenanigans were discovered and Jeff returned, vindicated. Los beat Alex with a bat. NocturnalSmoker was streambombed.

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