"We made bad jokes and we will pay! So Liz, gimme a good slap."
The Attack episode 59 aired on 20 Jul 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea,Yaniv Fituci, and Carlos Rivera.

Alex and Yaniv hosted the first part of the show. They showed some footage from EVO.

Alex debuted the new music competition show "Uke Can Do It." The interns were the judges, and Eddie was unimpressed until one of the contestants vomited. Then Eddie vomited.


Yaniv made a terrible domestic violence joke and Alex had Liz slap them both for it.

Alex presented a Techamendations segment on Mpow Swift Bluetooth 4.0 headphones.

Los replaced Yaniv for the Rundown, and discussed:

  • Oculus signed a deal to build out its movie library
  • Street Fighter 5 will let you earn the DLC for free
  • Hulu announcing an ad-free tier for premium service
  • Drones interfered with firefighting helicopters in a freeway fire in California

The show ended with TPOTSWIC.

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