"I actually did something with my life for once!" - Eddie
The Attack episode 58 aired on 17 Jul 2015. It was hosted by Alex Corea and the rest of the staff, rotating in and out. Yaniv, Liz, James, Blythe, Los, and Eddie all had turns in the cohost's chair.

James tried to convince us all that the end of the world was coming at the end of September 2015. (Spoilers: it wasn't.)

The Rundown discussed:

  • The new X-Files series
  • The new Ghostbusters movie
  • Fallout 4 footage
  • Windows 10 boxed copies will ship with USB media
  • Amazon same-day service expanding

Eddie showed off some dank memes and gave some relationship advice.

After this episode, there was a Patreon-only stream that is now lost to time.

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