The Attack episode 52 aired on 3 Jul 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Alex Corea.

The gang tried to get nominated for a Streamy
Soma subbed to The Attack on Twitch
00:44:22 a bad joke

The PileEdit

  1. Skateboarder fail 00:33:51
  2. Beatboxer 00:37:00
  3. Cuddle Workshop/Party 00:41:43 (Tuning in Tokyo)
  4. Taio Cruz's leg only drumcover 00:56:02
  5. Really lame martial arts teacher 01:09:30

The RundownEdit

  1. Reddit subs closed doors in protest to the firing of /u/Chooter Victoria 01:13:00
  2. Nintendo NX report says release in July 2016 01:25:00
  3. Oregon Legalized Recreational Marijuana 01:33:00


They totally didn't get to this segment


AMERI-CANNON is a pneumatic cannon developed and produced by Joe Corea. This was made out of PVC pipes, and requires a standard bike pump to charge the main tank. The bike pump originally on set for the bit had somehow failed. There was a mad rush to find a replacement to save the bit. Alex asked Los to ask Brad if he had his pump with him. A pump was eventually located. Liz attempted to cut hot pizza with a craft/box knife to load for the cannon, it did not go so well.

Cannon PayloadsEdit

  1. Beans $100 00:23:09 Alex gets bean welts, and put his mic pack down his ass crack.
  2. Puddin' $500 00:26:20
  3. Jelly Ballz $??? 00:29:10
  4. Cole Slaw $650 00:46:20
  5. Sub Sandwich Footlong $1,000 (Buttsub At Yaniv) 00:52:00
  6. Corn $1,300 (Creamy Philling Everywhere) 01:20:30
  7. Jello $1,500 01:40:00 Phil and Alex Ass2Asss
  8. Raw Bacon $1,700-$2,000 01:48:00 (McApple Watch!)
  9. A Happy Meal ??? 01:48:00 (McApple Watch!)
  10. Paint Balls $2,250 02:02:00 Alex Died
  11. BONUS: Beer Cannon at Watermelon $2,500 01:57:00 Bud Light 12oz can fired at a Ameri-Hitler Watermelon

Foot BitsEdit

Foot Jenga 00:57:00 Foot makeup job 00:59:00 Foot Wedding 01:01:01

Foot WeddingEdit

Alex and Kevin press the boundaries of twitch and perform a wedding composed solely of their feet as actors. Some feet danced, some got drunk. The bride and groom 'ate' some cupcake. Then "Los Mano" crashes the wedding and tried to kidnap Alex's foot. But pulls out the finger gun to 'finger bang' the foot wedding party. After the wedding party was decimated, Alex's foot was enthused to be whisked away by Eddie's hand.

Kevin's Feet | Groom and Priest
Alex's Foot | The Bride
Eddie's Hand | Los Mano


YT VOD Timecode Name Message
00:15:00 FlyingQueso $5 "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY"
00:15:58 steltek $100 "Let it Begin~"
AMERI-CANON: Beans fulfilled
00:16:10 Chix_with_Joystix $10 "Baked Beans away!" (Possible ghosted name)
00:16:21 SMuzPP $5 "Stunt is to hurt Alex? I'm in."
00:16:35 lublin89 $5 "Lets go and good evening from Denmark"
00:16:45 McHammer_Pants $30 "Take That!!"
00:16:57 FuriousChknShiz $10 "beans for days!"
00:17:09 Reinheart88 $6.66 "Happy beans of July!"
00:17:40 jules1218 $10 "I love beans!"
00:17:59 Beans $5 "Smell that Stanky Beany Alex Kevin!!"
00:18:38 NikoBloc $5 "Heat it before you launch it, I want to see hot pudding fly all over his face!"
00:18:51 Chaosisley $10 "Take that Alex!"
00:19:02 Thefightingmongoose337 $20 "WUBA LUBA DUB DUB"
00:19:14 flaciddeluxe $8.37 "drop your pants good sir and take it like a MAN!!!!"
00:19:38 iamwireman $20 "What else can we add?"
00:19:50 Shimokaji $100 "And I second you steltek"
00:20:02 HaislipsPuddingStirrer $20 "Lower the Pudding"
00:20:14 Sarge3562 $100 "Pour it on!"
00:20:59 jtb33z $6.66 "to the FACE!"
00:21:39 ACorea $15 "Mmh so hungry"
00:21:59 bulbtomeetyou $100 "Bulb to meet you Giant Cannon"
00:22:18 alvine04 $20 "Let's do this ish"
00:22:30 MJCorkie $10 "Going to be the highlight of my day"
00:22:58 FuriousChknShiz $6.69 "ALEX needs to be shirtless for the full experience"
AMERI-CANON: Puddin' fulfilled
00:23:19 hipster_superman $10 "Beans to balls!"
00:23:30 ZettydaYETI $55.55 "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY"
00:24:18 Badassvic $5 "I'm excited. Think I'm gonna sub soon too"
00:24:40 jtb33z $6.66 "another 6.66 mistake since you missed my first one TO The Face!"
00:25:40 hipster_superman donated a Delivered Papa Johns pizza
00:29:19 guataLOLma_zetty $4.2 "1-0 USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA"
00:32:19 Ronin_Monkey $50.01 "I do this to see the joy on Kevin's face!"
00:33:38 MkItSoNo1 $20 "No turning. To the face. He doesn't get to turn!!!"
00:33:52 Cornflopper $5 "Make it to the corn! RIP Alex Birth- July 3, 2015"
00:34:19 wireman $20 "BRING ON THE SLAW!11!!"
00:34:42 alk3la $20 "How much to get the Papa Johns garlic sauce launched at Alex?"
AMERI-CANON: Coleslaw Fulfilled
00:35:08 DocLinds $100 "Been waiting to catch a live show to donate, perfect timing!"
00:35:20 dawg 1232 $4.3 "Burn it"
00:35:32 GiantCannon $20 "Hello Alex, would you like a pearl necklace?"
00:35:44 matsutsukii $5 "Alex is doomed"
00:35:55 DR99 $5 "I want to see Alex covered in sweet warm cream slaw!!"
00:36:07 Badwolf3001 $5 "What are we doing take my money!"
00:38:20 AlexCorea $11.11 "Hurt me. Hurt me so Good."
00:38:39 ogdrin $5 "$5 closer to the foot long."
00:43:41 Shimokaji $200 "Yep, throw in the footlong."
AMERI-CANON: Footlong Fulfilled
00:43:52 CORN $10 "Let's do this!"
00:44:42 FitucciCannon $20 "suit up blythe for the goal after the sub"
00:44:59 Villiam $20.07 "They don't call this podcast the "THE ATTACK" for nothing. Now attack Alex some"
00:49:40 eestraz $45 "Do it 4 'MURICA YANIV!"
00:51:41 ObserverEffect $3.01 "For the Watch!"
01:01:01 Jules1218 $5 "BIG JEANZ!"
01:08:41 GreenyTea $2 "Give that foot an Emmy!"
01:10:22 FlyingQueso $6.71 "Put one paintball in there for Phil :)"
01:10:41 DR99 $5 "Too bad it isn't "creamed" Corn!!"
01:11:40 Monkeyboy226 $5 "How about 2 paintballs for Phil"
01:13:42 Great_Britian $10 "Still not over what happened in 1776, but loving all these loads being blown at Alex."
01:15:41 TisAGoodDayToCorn $123 "Don't let your Dreams be Dreams!!!!"
AMERI-CANON: Corn Fulfilled
01:16:40 Pgavlan $5 "Come on guys. I love Corn and I need it shot all over me."
01:18:22 shiatax $5 "foot wedding bit has opened my heart to my estranged llama we're reconciled again"
01:31:21 TisAGoodDayToJello $190 "JUST DO IT!!!"
AMERI-CANON: Jello Fulfilled
01:33:02 NicoBloc $5 "Can we add used coffee filters to the lunch list?"
01:36:01 INMUSKWETRUST $1 "We need to show the world that Kevin isn't kosher!!"
01:37:42 alk3la $10 "Will the toy be included when you launch the Happy Meal?"
01:42:22 DatNaturalHerb $5 "Did somebody say WEED?!?!!"
01:42:54 DenzelBaconton (Darrin White?) $484 Redacted
AMERI-CANON: Bacon Fulfilled
01:44:02 KingNuffin $10 "Making July 3rd 2015 the bestest July 3rd evers!"
01:46:23 Cuycoybuster $230 "PAINTBALLS!!!!!"
AMERI-CANON: Paintballs Fulfilled
01:46:43 forPaintballs $30
01:47:42 SMuzPP $5 "Let's make it to paintballs!"
01:54:22 Cuycoybuster $215 "LAUNCH THE THING!! :D"
AMERI-CANON: Beer Cannon Fulfilled


Alex Corea Lord of Flies, also, died
Kevin Pereira Wore Shorts
Joe Corea PHD in Badassery
Liz Forkin Kunert Married
Blythe Wiedemann Had green hair
Yaniv Fituci Almost Died
Random Papa Johns delivery person
Edward Estrada los manos
Carlos Rivera Made the best decision to not participate.
Phil Gavlan The El Cornholio
James Haffner Promos
Confused guys in a car doing a 3 point turn
Female Neighbor