"Mighty Bulbasaur to you!"
The Attack episode 3 aired on 20 February 2015. It was hosted by Kevin Pereira and Alex Corea.

Kevin explained scrambled porn to the younger viewers that don't remember it.

Greg Grunberg stopped by and got on mic for a while.

Alex Albrecht appeared as a guest.

Kevin talked about organizations that test drugs to verify what's in them.


At the 1:11:00 mark in the YouTube VOD, a Twitch user named Mightybulbasaur subscribed to the channel. At 1:13:20, Kevin thanked them. Alex Albrecht misunderstood and thought Kevin was saying "Mighty Bulbasaur" as a thank you or a congratulations, and Kevin joked that it would be used as a greeting in the future. "Mighty Bulbasaur" would become the standard greeting at the beginning of each episode for a long time to come, and Bulbasaur became a sort of mascot for the channel.

Everyone played Urban Pictionary, a game where terms from Urban Dictionary are drawn onscreen and people guess them, then guess what they mean.

Alex (Corea) had to eat the Godkiller, a blended concoction of various fast food items.