"You hit him right in the intern! Now he probably has internal bleeding!"
The Attack episode 288 aired on 11 August 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Erin took a hard stance against pronouncing "picture" the same as "pitcher."


After a few Pile videos of a guy doing really bad impressions of a chef and of Lucio from Overwatch among others, Chef Mike (Josh) stopped by the set sounded just like the impression. Then the real life voice of Lucio Jonny Cruz came by and read some "new lines" from Overwatch that sounded just like the video! Alex tackled him for being so bad, which is apparently a thing he does to Overwatch voice actors all the time.

During a Twitch-only segment, Erin did an impression of Charles Manson.


The Winner of the Web was the subreddit r/RoastMe. Alex and Erin had previously submitted pictures to the subreddit. The most creative (and safe for work) roasts were read while their "hype-men" cheered them on: Negative Nelly for Erin and Princess Hotdog for Alex! Neggy-Nelly was a bit more enthusiastic than Princess Hotdog, however.

During another Twitch-only segment, Erin told a joke and then laughed so hard at herself that she collapsed on the floor.

In the Attack's Future Medieval Tournament of Modern-Day Olden-Time Heroes, Alex and Erin competed in three challenges. The first was guzzling energy drinks (which were brought out by a visibly-injured Alan). Alex won, despite dumping most of it down his shirt and ruining his mic.

There were BTS shenanigans while Alex's mic was fixed and he and Erin shot some pickups. Coral was running the BTS cam and it kept breaking and turning to the side in a hilarious manner.

The next challenge was axe throwing. Instead of axes, sticks of "Acks" deodorant were thrown at Alan. Erin did the most damage and won the challenge.

Attack Classics featured Two Truths and a Die from Episode 212 and Dognald J. Trump's Indoguration speech.

The final challenge was Hoverboard Jousting! Alex and Erin suited up in sumo suits and rode hoverboards, jousting with boxing gloves attached to pool noodles. Erin unhorsed Alex twice to become the winner of the challenge, and of the whole tournament!

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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