"What do we need, Jeremy?"
"We need some real hosts."
The Attack episode 285 aired on 4 Aug 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


Dynfeld returned to the show after his stint in law school, and he sprouted arms! He edited several Pile videos to show how dangerous they were. He had Intern Alan eat a Lego and Alan exploded into a skeleton. Coral updated the "Days since an intern turned into a skeleton" board to "0." Dynfeld made his exit, and a Breakfast-Club-style epilogue played.

During a Twitch-only segment, Dynfeld told a mildly funny joke and Erin thought it was friggin' hilarious. Then Jeremy came out to do Alex's lines from the teleprompter.


Steeb the Weeb featured a field package from Anime Expo 2017 featuring Erin and Nick.

"Attack Attacks Attack" featured a blooper from Episode 282 where a white glob came out of Alex's mouth. They zoomed into the glob and it spoke (as Josh)! Another epilogue played.

In a reimagining of the stunt from Episode 219, a Gostalgia segment featured a test of which controller was the best of all time. An audience poll voted for the XBox 360 controller and a keyboard as the two best. Erin entered a Gamecube controller into the competition and Alex entered an Atari 2600 controller!

After some BTS shenanigans during pickups, Alex and Erin annouced a contest to win a Razer keyboard.

Attack Classics featured Alex as Dr. Disrespect from Episode 237.

The contest began, and Joey and Rob joined in. Lakitu (Intern Alan) smashed each controller to test their durability, and then the players completed in Smash Bros. with them. After one minute, a Hammer Bro (Nick) smashed each controller with a hammer. After another minute, Princess Dewsy (Coral) poured Mountain Dew on each controller. The keyboard (and Joey) emerged victorious!

Attack Classics featured Lostradamus from Episode 254 and Yaniv as Crazy Mario being shot multiple times from Episode 226.

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC, and Dynfeld did another joke!

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