"John Travolta's made of silly putty. If you press him on a Cathy comic, it says "Aaaack" backwards!"
The Attack episode 282 aired on 28 July 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Erin told us all about her gym teacher.


After a Pile video of a hamster eating five baby carrots in a row, Alex and Erin played Cram That Craw, a throwback to a bit from Episodes 165 and 257. The first item to be crammed into Alex and Erin's craws was marshmallows! The marshmallows were brought to the podium by Coral, who was in a hot dog costume for some reason. It would later become common to see Coral in the hot dog costume, and whenever she is she's known as Princess Hotdog. Alex won the marshmallow round, but 2 rounds remained.

After a Twitch-only segment, the Winner of the Web was a video of a glitch featuring Geralt from The Witcher 3 just gliding out of a room.


Erin commented on how much she loves Geralt and how smooth he is. Just then, Geralt (Jeremy) glided onto set. He threw a knife at a choking Yaniv, whose dislodged sandwich flew into the mouth of the hungry Josh, who slapped Alex with his newfound nourishment energy. Then Geralt threw an axe at Corrado's glug barrel to open it, and it's stopper boinked Alex in the doink. Corrado was doing an Australian accent for some reason. Speaking of accents, Rob stopped by doing a British accent and complaining of the plague giving him jelly legs (when he wasn't quoting movies). Geralt cured it, but then accidentally glided into a wood chipper. If any of that made even the least bit of sense to you, you're smarter than me.

The show was sponsored by Brook Linen (promo code "Attack")

Another round of Cram That Craw featured butter (which was totally fairly spun and not rigged at all). Alex won again, but the 3rd round was decided to be worth 3 points so as to save the bit.

In a precut For The Win segment, Alex discussed videos of MLB: The Show, Fallout 4, and Overwatch.

After a Twitch-only segment, Chairman Mashahito Flaum (Josh) introduced the final Cram That Craw ingredient, Iron Chef-style. It turned out to be Big League Chew. Erin won, and her prize was more butter in her mouth!

The stream closed out with TPOTSWIC.