"Put a coin in me. I'll repeat whatever you want."
The Attack episode 281 aired on 26 July 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


After a few false starts, the show began with a very strange animated video, and it somehow reminded Erin of a song from her Spanish class. The song from the video proved too infectious and the entire crew started singing it, much to Erin's chagrin. It turned out it was just a bad dream.... or WAS IT??

During a Twitch-only segment that went longer than planned, Alex told a story about making out with Jeremy Renner or something. He was cut off by an Attack Classic featuring the "Baby Driver" trailer from Episode 252.

The Winner of the Web was a video of an automatic hand washing machine, and Alex showed off his improvement on the invention: the Cheese Dust Thruster! Erin and Alex both endured the pain of getting their hands cheese dusted. Erin's dog Bark Wahlberg (played by Corrado's dog Yoko!) licked off the cheese dust. Alex's "dog" Craig (Joey) licked his off, too! Alex challenged Erin to a dog-cheese-licking competition at the end of the show!

A preproduced "App Attack" segment featured the free mobile game Pinout. During another stoppage, Alex continued his creepy Jeremy Renner story, and BTS shenanigans ensued.


The show was sponsored by Beach Body On Demand. (Text "Attack" to 303030) Start Tank featured:

  • Smash the Swine
  • Awkward Todd
  • Fart Man

More BTS ensued during camera repositioning, and another Attack Classic featured Alex's field package from VRLA from Episode 268.

It was time for the cheese licking showdown. Erin lost, mostly because Alex was cheating by using a human "dog" and her punishment was to stick her head in the cheese duster. She chickened out, so Alex took the punishment for her.

The stream closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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