"That is either the top of your overalls folded over or your midriff is about to eat a lobster."
The Attack episode 280 aired on 24 July 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


Alex gave a sick burn to Facebook users and severely overreacted to his own joke, complete with Deal-With-It sunglasses and Nick as a hype man.

After a Pile video of a rage quit competition, Erin challenged Alex to a competition of their own. Erin punched a producer for some reason. Nathanias was on hand to shoutcast the competition and teased that the event would happen at the end of the show.

After a quick Twitch-only segment, the Winner of the Web featured a person winning a PUBG solo match with a pan. Alex's mom (Sarah Atwood Sarine) came by to inform Alex that his father had left her, but she'd found new love: Paniel the frying pan (Josh). After Alex and Paniel bonded by way of a montage, Paniel sacrificed himself to save Alex from an egg thrown by the "boo" lady from the Princess Bride (Rob).

The show was sponsored by Blue Apron.

In an Attack On Assassin's Creed, Alex presented a field package where he recreated the game's parkour using the third person goggles.

An Attack Classic featured the Action Alex dolls from Episode 140.


It was time for the main event! Erin rage quit first, and smashed up a computer like a champ. It was Alex's turn, but he walked off set and drove back in a forklift to do some massive damage. In theory, anyway.

The stream closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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