"Joey's been too agressive with his butt."
The Attack episode 277 aired on 17 July 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Erin said a bad pun and danced off screen to ragtime music. Alex did her one better by saying a bad pun, crashing a cymbal, blowing a whistle, honking a horn, and heelying off screen to ragtime music.


After a Pile video showing someone hiding in a bush in PUBG, Erin talked about her distrust of bushes. A shot was fired off screen and Nick was discovered dead! Erin blamed a nearby bush and not the sketchy burglar holding a gun (Josh) right next to it. The burglar explained the gun was for starting races. A policeman (Jeremy) came by to investigate, but Erin's fears proved justified when he was shot dead with a bow and arrow by the bush! Yaniv came by in jogging clothes asking if someone had started a race!

Sarah Atwood Sarine appeared in a skit as a shall we say very strict mother who didn't want her kid to watch The Attack.

Alex and Erin thanked subs and answered a TPOTSWIC question. BTS shenanigans ensued while the set was turned over.


The Start Tank featured:

  • The Old Man and the Lake
  • Slothin' Around
  • You Don't Know The Half Of It: Fins Of The Father

After more BTS, taping resumed and Alex stared seductively into the camera for an uncomfortable amount of time. Then he and Erin announced that they (along with Joey and Nick) would be attempting to defeat the first boss of Dark Souls III using only their butts, a feat they'd previously failed at Attack on Twitchcon 2016 and in Episode 208.

Alex and Erin thanked more subs and donors while the set was turned over, and Joey took the BTS cam out to the office, where Mike and Yaniv lovingly intertwined their legs. It was glorious.

The Attack On Dark Souls III began, and if you're a TV viewer reading this, they totally beat the boss on the first try and not at all on the 7th one!

The air date for D|XP episode 1.01 was announced as August 14th!

The stream closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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