"My dad took an advanced Segway tour in San Francisco and he fell down a mountain."
The Attack episode 276 aired on 14 July 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


After a Pile video showing a car scoring a Rocket League goal without moving, Alex pointed out that Eddie is their best intern and gets tons of work done despite sitting there doing nothing. He filed and collated for Alex, beat Jeremy at ping pong, and made dessert for Corrado, all while sitting motionless. Erin tried to fire him, but was attacked by an assassin (Joey) working to protect Eddie. His throwing star missed Erin and hit Eddie in the chest, but it was OK because Eddie had been dead all along. Then Eddie's corpse drove off to Reno.

After a quick reset, Erin tossed to a prerecorded package called "For the Win," where Alex showed footage from gaming collected from around the internet until he was killed by Jason dressed as a stool.

As the cameras were repositioned and reshoots occurred, Joey manned the BTS cam and interviewed Joe Corea and Coral about the build for the upcoming stunt and talked to several members of the cast and crew.

Alex and Erin unveiled a real-life Portal sentry turret that fires 8 paintballs per second and uses a camera to track and aim at anything that moves. Then to close out the show, Alex completed an obstacle course in front of it and was horribly maimed.


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