"What's your ideal burrito?"
The Attack episode 275 aired on 12 July 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


Because the network didn't want them to show horrible injuries on the show, one Pile video was recut as a Sonic video, and another used the weird contorted angles of a person's body as they fell off a roof to teach geometry. Educational! But then the analysis of the video revealed that the Illuminati were behind it! Erin was then replaced with a bush by the Illuminati, I guess?

TPOTSWIC followed while the set was turned over!

Alex's ex-girlfriend Trashley the Trash Can (voiced by Rob) stopped by the set. After a brief flashback of their relationship that was also somehow a mock ad for Cheesecake Factory, Trashley announced that she was pregnant and gave birth to an actual trash baby! Morry Povich (Josh) - NOT Maury - reported that Alex is NOT the father. Alex danced in celebration, and it totally was him and not someone else pretending to be him. Steve Boosh-emmy (Jeremy) presented Alex with a Boosh-emmy and a check for $10,000. "Alex" celebrated again, but he still felt empty inside until Erin reminded him that the $10K would be enough to save the class ski trip!

A quick skit featured Sarah Atwood Sarine(!) as a mom who didn't want her kids to watch TV at all after seeing The Attack on TV.

BTS shenanigans ensued while the set was turned over.


Jimmy Wong and Sonja "OMGItsFirefoxx" Reid joined the show to play "Trivia Attack" with Erin, while Alex hosted. A graphic was left onscreen for a very long time (about 5 minutes), and Alex improvised that it was to talk about Net Neutrality. One round of the trivia competition called "Bad Cosplay Catwalk" featured shall we say "budget" cosplays of Pyramid Head, Megaman, and Bastion. Another had Erin and our two guests answering questions about Mario, and if they were wrong they were slimed! Erin somehow escaped sliming, and Jimmy closed out the show.

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