"Earlier today I was in the editing bay and I was hugging and loving and kissing everyone.... that might be an issue now that I said it aloud." -Erin
The Attack episode 272 aired on 28 April 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Alex announced that this episode would be the season finale and there would be more intimate-style content on the channel until the move to the new studio was complete.

Alex and Erin tried to do splits and both failed miserably.


Commander Neigh Hoofstrong, one of America's finest horsestronauts, appeared on the show from the international space station! The Commander hurt his leg and a space farmer (Jeremy Hache) had to put him down.

After watching a Pile video of an improv group mixing different accents, Erin tried to mix British and Cajun to hilarious results.


Corrado demonstrated his choreographed Sailor Moon workout routine. The "judges" (Jeremy) gave it a "meh." rating, so Alex forced Eddie to join him as Sailor Jupiter. This changed the judges rating to "Dang, yo."

The show was sponsored by West County Gardener (promo code: Attack).


Alex did a field package where he got weapons training from Cold Steel for today's gladiator match.

Steeb the Weeb featured footage of Nick's adventures in the Harajuku district in the dress from the first Steeb the Weeb segment! Then he answered viewer questions.

Streams of the Week featured:

  • exbc', who got really drunk and fell in a bar on an IRL stream.
  • uccleague2, where one of their commentators got caught with a mouthful of food when they went live
  • ClamTaco, who won a duel in PUBG by playing dead, only to get headshot while he was celebrating.
  • jbellizzi253v, who pulled off an insane motorcycle jump and double kill in PUBG.

The show was also sponsored by Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3.

TPOTSWIC followed, and they thanked Prime for a drill, Mkitsono1 for gear ties, Achorn316 for tape, and an anonymous donor for cable clips and sleeves.

Alex talked about what would be happening with the channel during the studio move, and they replayed Erin's Muay Thai field package while the gladiator battle was set up.

Finally it was time for the battle. Kevin reluctantly came out from his office to host. The match was tied 2-2 heading into the final round, and the action moved from the pillars to outside on the roof! The episode ended with a literal cliffhanger as Alex and Erin held on for their lives!

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