"I'm gonna power up my nut." - Erin
The Attack episode 267 aired on 17 April 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


Erin bragged about her ability to detect people in camouflage. Eddie was hiding on set in a shabby tree costume, but Erin didn't see him. She did detect Joey disguised as a door. Then she chopped Eddie down with an axe.

Alex showed the "original" video of a snake in a cybercafe that had a bunch of cartoon sound effects. Then he and Erin made a bunch of bad puns.

Alex wanted Erin to open a box with a snake in it but she wouldn't. Alex opened it for her to show her it wasn't dangerous and revealed Solid Snake (Corrado) in the box. Solid Snake then killed Erin.

The show was sponsored by West County Gardener (promo code Attack).

Start Tank. the replacement for Green Light District, featured:

  • Nutt
  • Karate Man

There were more games planned, but Karate Man crashed their laptop and the segment ended early.

The show was also sponsored by Texture.


Sick Footage featured:

  • Regis: My Personal Workout

Corrado showed his own Regis workout regimen, but then died of the strain.

  • How to Study
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Ringer

TPOTSWIC followed. Alex and Erin thanked anonymous donors for dragon toys for Jeremy, a mannequin, a dummy, and fake blood. They also thanked JediNixon for phone accessories for Eddie.

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