"So we're gonna walk another what, 2.6 miles?"
"Not now, Eddie."
The Attack episode 266 aired on 14 April 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Alex pointed out that a Pile video had Digeridoozled the audience, since the video was shot in Australia but the carousel in it was not spinning backwards.

Yaniv tripped over a chair and exploded into pieces.


Alex asked his Google Home "What is The Attack?" Its answer was pretty brutal.

Erin let us in on the fact that she is very afraid of rocks. Alex put a rock on the podium and she freaked out. She was also frightened by a rock CD and a DVD that featured Duane "The Rock" Johnson. Mayron and Coral were dressed as The Rock, but it turned out Erin was just hallucinating that. Alex offered Erin some Pop Rocks and she ran away screaming. She tripped over a chair and exploded into pieces.

After Alex put Erin back together, she presented a special Steeb the Weeb segment where Nick called in from Japan, where he'd been vacationing for the past 3 weeks.


In a This Was A Thing segment, Alex and Erin discussed Big Wheels. To test the racing viability of the Big Wheel, Alex and Erin would continue the show outside via a Twitch IRL stream and would compete in the world's longest Big Wheel race: a 3.2 mile race on a bike path!

They cut the stream and intended to bring it back up on a phone for the IRL stream immediately, but there were technical difficulties and the stream didn't come back up for several minutes and when it did the connection was very bad. When they all got in the car to go to the site of the race, they tried to do TPOTSWIC but the stream cut out.

Despite the poor stream quality, we were able to see everyone stop for donuts. Later they stopped again to save 2 dogs that had gotten loose. Erin also stopped to pee in a Toys 'R' Us.

The connection stabilized in time for the race to begin! Erin's Big Wheel broke almost immediately, and she was having trouble steering and bending her leg to reach the pedals. She got some assistance from Joey and Priscilla for a while, but eventually the Big Wheel - and possibly Erin herself - was beyond repair.

Alex fared a bit better for a while, after making some on-the-fly modifications to his Big Wheel, but his soon broke too. Jason brought him a spare wheel, but that one also broke. Alex gave up and carried the Big Wheel the remaining distance to the finish.