"That's not where my reset button is, but good try."
The Attack episode 263 aired on 7 April 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


Alex discussed the prior career of a video game character that experienced a glitch in the new Hitman. It was, as always, biting gaming commentary.

We saw footage of a couple sitting down to watch TV and when the man turned on The Attack, the woman went to her car and drove it off a cliff, as per usual.

In Steeb the Weeb, Erin and Alex discussed the Season 2 premiere of Attack on Titan and the martial art kendo. Alex brought out his kendo stick (shinai). Erin then taught Alex Japanese dining etiquette. She announced that she brought some Taiyaki, but were in fact Takoyaki, (and explained what they were) and she and Alex sat down to eat some. Any time Alex committed a breach of etiquette, he was corrected with a shinai to the back delivered by sensei Corrado, who mistakenly dressed in a wrestling singlet because Erin had mentioned Sumo wrestling. Alex was subsequently punished for:

  • Wearing shoes indoors and disrespecting the living area.
  • Being rude and not responding to Erin's itadakimasu.
  • Saying "Sure, eat the taki sauce."
  • Not using his chopsticks correctly.
  • Inserting his chopsticks into his rice upright, which is done at funerals and symbolizes death
  • Tipping his ricebowl over onto the table
  • Spitting out the takoyaki onto his plate because " tasted like an aquarium."
  • Saying domo arigatou without a Japanese covered mouth giggle.

Streams of the Week featured:

  • Swiftor, who put a rolled car back on its wheels with a grenade in Battlegrounds
  • Jerma985, who poured chocolate milk into a purse.
  • ManVsGame, whose game couldn't verify his DLC license in the middle of a boss battle

Yaniv burst onto the set yelling for help. Before he could explain why, the stream froze and an error message said the video was for subscribers only. The issue was cleared up but kept coming back, and we missed what must have been a crazy story involving a bear sawing Yaniv in half or something.

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC.

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