"This show's stupid!" - Alex
The Attack episode 262 aired on 5 April 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Erin showed a very short video of a man running through a boarded-up window on the second floor of a house and off of the roof. Alex lamented that the video ended too early, so Erin introduced Videos That Ended Too Early Theatre. Viewers could Snapchat Alex during the show with suggestions for what happened to the guy after he fell off the roof and he and Erin would act several of them out at the end of the show.


Alex shot Eddie with Nerf arrows and he giggled like a baby. Then he shot Coral and her voice was very deep and masculine.

Jason explained airplanes.

Joey presented a Techamendations review of the Razer Blade Stealth laptop.


Hot n' Streamy featured:

  • Trick2G, who watched a car launch over a mountain in Battlegrounds
  • Bustin_The_Nuts, who got a troll donation from an opponent while in game
  • TheAttack, from the previous episode when Erin thanked "the money" instead of the fans

Erin and Alex read comments from r/livestreamfail about Erin's clip. Corrado overreacted.

TPOTSWIC followed. Then it was time for Videos That Ended Too Early Theatre, which ended with a surprise visit from a Kentucky Colonel (Jeremy).

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