"You re-killed Bob Ross!"
The Attack episode 259 aired on 29 March 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


Alex showed the Destiny 2 teaser trailer. He commented on how there was a tweet to tease the teaser trailer which teases the trailer which teases the game. Then he teased a joke, then delayed it to Q3 2018 just like a AAA title.

Alex then played a video of people freaking out over what they thought was an alien invasion. Erin talked about how she believes aliens visit us above the 405 in LA. The team cut the audio from the UFO video into the Destiny 2 trailer.


Another Pile video showed a French guy dancing in front of two Scottish royal guards until he was shouted down by one of them. Then their brogue was translated into several languages.

Alex gave Erin another geography pop quiz, but this time they competed against each other and selected their answers by shooting a map with a paintball gun. The ghost of Bob Ross (Yaniv) was on hand to administer "encouragement" to the person who lost each round.


Jason explained sports.

Hot n' Streamy featured high-quality jokes written by Erin, and also:

  • Last_Grey_Wolf, who got run over by a boat in Battlegrounds
  • GiantWaffle, who got super scared by an in-game explosion
  • Gmart, who learned the hard way that you can't repin a grenade

Yaniv and Corrado died of laughter at Erin's jokes. Several times.

Alex and Erin thanked FaustusBob for LDIOTT board games and peanuts, Nd3batman for a capture card and a camera monitor, and an anonymous donor for a jigsaw. "What? This isn't a puzzle!"

The show closed out with TPOTSWIC, and they announced that in lieu of regular Thursday programming, the staff was taking a fun day off and would IRL stream it tomorrow!

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