"It scratches you up and people start asking questions."
The Attack episode 258 aired on 27 March 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


Erin and Alex told a few terrible jokes. Alex questioned his life choices while he had visions of a sad clown (Jason).

Erin showed a video of a woman falling onto a living room floor, but it's a mystery where she fell from. The team edited the fall into several other falling clips. Erin told a story about jumping off a roof onto a trampoline, which explains a lot, really.


Because it was the first Monday of spring, it was time for Spring Cleaving, a weird tradition with even weirder customs. This is the day when The Attack gets rid of their old unwanted junk around the office by smashing it with a custom 40-pound axe (made by Joe Corea). The axe was brought to set by none other than the Cleavester Bunny himself! Before each axe swing, Erin delivered a totally-not-made-up-on-the-spot traditional chant. Alex Spring Cleaved Erin's old coffee table and Jeremy's 1st Generation iMac.


Eddie tried to stick Skittles on his face really fast, and he choked on them and died.

Alex Spring Cleaved Jason's Keurig machine, but it was not a full cleave so Joe (being the superior Corea) came in to finish the job. Then Alex tearfully Spring Cleaved his own prop toilet that he used many times on the show.


Sick Footage featured:

  • Color Me a Rainbow
  • Incredible Cat Tricks
  • Staff Infection: Jason's parody commercial for Big Billy's Down Under Steakhouse

Hot n' Streamy featured:

  • Miken_TV, who spilled his drink on his keyboard twice in a row
  • SandraTheDev, who did the Hokey Pokey in the middle of her dirty house on stream

In Hey, Thanks, Alex thanked FlyingQueso for a kiddie pool and an anonymous donor for a gallon of stage blood.

TPOTSWIC followed, including a question about Alex's ex-girlfriend Brittney.

Alex tried and failed to Spring Cleave Corrado's dad shoes. Jeremy stepped in and showed him how a real man does it. Alex then cleaved Kevin's old 65" TV to close out the show.

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