"Something like that isn't good for TMJ."
The Attack episode 257 aired on 24 March 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

One of the Pile videos showed a woman driving a car through the wall of a building, and a full 30 seconds afterwards a guy in a white hat pointed at the hole and said "Aw Jeez, a car went through the wall!" A guy in a white hat (Yaniv) stopped by the studio to see if they'd seen the video of the car running through a wall.


After playing a video of a guy eating 50 donuts in about 10 minutes, Alex and Erin played Cram That Craw. They stuffed as many hardboiled eggs into their mouths as they could in 20 seconds and then weighed them. Alex obviously won, because he has a giant mouth.

After another Pile video, the white hat guy came back to see if they'd seen the video of the guy eating 50 donuts, and also that thing in November where they had a big feast with turkey.

After Nick got done running around the studio like a nutcase, Alex showed off an app called "Pink Trombone" that mimics the inside of a person's mouth and lets you manipulate it to make sounds. Alex made it say a couple of things. Erin took a turn and said hurtful things to Alex, including that he smells like pee and poo. Alex then made himself smell like pee and poo.


It was time for another round of Cram That Craw, this time with sour straws. Erin won because of a technicality.

The show was sponsored by Audible.

In Steeb the Weeb, Erin and Nick discussed the film Your Name. Then they tried to eat the Filipino street food "balut," which is a hardboiled chicken or duck embryo in the shell. Their balut was very undercooked and horribly disgusting, so no one got much down.

Streams of the Week featured:

  • Spoolin, who got a car stuck between two trees in hilarious fashion in H1Z1
  • Vespher, who was low on health in Breath of the Wild and brained himself with a chest from an amiibo.
  • TwitchPresents, who accidentally mixed up the mono and stereo versions of Power Rangers during the recent marathon, causing an episode to air without dialogue.

TPOTSWIC followed, and the white hat guy came back and now appeared to be able to tell the future!

The final round of Cram That Craw closed out the show, this time with donuts. Alex clearly won, but Erin was declared the winner because Erin is better than Alex.

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