"Do you wanna see a piece of celery breakdance?"
The Attack episode 253 aired on 15 March 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


The show's donation incentive was announced: at certain donation goals, 2 random foods would be blended together and a staff member picked by Strawpoll would have to drink it blindfolded and guess what it was. If they failed, they'd be "antiqued." The first goal was met immediately and Erin had to drink the drank.

The show was sponsored by Soylent (promo code "Attack")

Erin used her witch powers to flip a water bottle.


Alex showed a clip of Will Smith meeting a grisly end after jumping off of a bridge.

A deadly tumbleweed blew onto the set and Erin killed a policeman (Corrado), Yaniv, and Jason with it.

Alex was the next to drink nastiness.

Green Light District featured:

  • Spinster: A Cat Lady Game
  • Yago el Coquerrestre
  • Captain Quack: I Pity the Stool

Alex did another read for Soylent. Then he showed KevCap's recut Baby Driver trailer from the previous episode, and asked the audience to tweet it at Edgar Wright with #TheAttackHasTheWrightStuff.

TPOTSWIC followed, and a final donation incentive was met in the nick of time, causing Corrado to meet his acidic fate.

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