"If you wanna get fit fast, spend some time in jail."
The Attack episode 251 aired on 10 March 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Erin tried to explain what Mayron says to his mom on the phone in Portugese... we think?

Alex introduced a clip from a Game of Thrones livestream involving them melting a block of ice when chat typed "Fire," revealing the show's release date. The Attack decided to do them one better.

Since Eddie was sick for the last episode and didn't let anyone know he'd be out for the day, his job was in jeopardy. They froze a notice of termination in a block of ice and suspended a heat lamp over it. Then they instructed chat to type the word "fired," and the more they did, the lower the heat lamp would go. In the event that Eddie was actually fired, he would have to complete a 10-page job application and come back on Monday and do a job interview with Kevin in order to get his job back.


Jake participated in some concrete water sports.

The fact that Erin ADRs all of her lines for the show was revealed, as was her natural, very masculine voice.

Jason explained fitness and competed against Mayron in a foot race. Mayron won, probably because of his shoes.


The Dank Beetz segment this show featured video game trivia, with contestants Yaniv, Erin, and Coral. Erin won, largely because of her knowledge of the DK rap.

The Fire Eddie thermometer reached the top, and Alex brought out a blowtorch for Joey to use on the ice.

The show was sponsored by SeeSo. (promo code "Attack")

Streams of the Week featured:

  • GoldenSplit, who brained himself in Breath of the Wild and died
  • OutpostGames, a dev who was spectating people playing his new game and got trolled

The blowtorch didn't do the trick, so Alex brought out a sledgehammer for Erin to use on the ice. Eddie was fired, and forcibly removed from the premises by Corrado.

The show was running long, but they did squeeze in one TPOTSWIC question.

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