Alex: "I can sneak anything anywhere I want without a baby. My butt's way bigger."
Erin: "That's what ta-tas are for."
The Attack episode 249 aired on 6 March 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

As Alex was trying to toss to the Pile graphic, he was interrupted by his dad, Blark (a puppet). Blark embarrassed Alex and then threw a bottle at Jason's head.

After a few videos, Blark returned and showed some embarassing pictures of Alex from when he was younger.


Alex and Erin discussed the hidden message in the Nintendo Switch Pro Conroller, and then Alex took apart a Switch joycon and revealed that it says "Send Nudes" inside.

Erin and Alex licked a Breath of the Wild cartridge. Blark came back and ate the cartridge to prove he could, but he couldn't hold it down.


Then Blark was triggered by the gunshots from a game video and shot Jason.

In Sick Footage, they showed clips from "Alluda Majaka!" and "Secret Video Game Tricks, Codes, and Strategies." Then they showed a clip from one of Corrado's student films that was accidentally very homoerotic.

Hot n' Streamy featured:

  • a stream from a sausage cart where the owner accidentally left a customer hanging on a high five
  • ESL CSGO in Poland, who brought in a DJ and no one in the crowd seemed to care.
  • Vickta, who rushed back to her desk to join an Overwatch game and crashed hard
  • iTragedy, who mixed up a "would you rather"

Blark returned a final time and, embarrased for his son's lack of success, projectile vomited on Alex.


Alex and Erin thanked:

  • RoninMonkey and Oxnys for creating the new r/TheAttack subreddit
  • RoninMonkey again for a shop vac and some coffee
  • ZettyDaYeti for a Switch Pro Controller
  • ND3Batman for a Coaxial Patch Panel, Power Conditioner, PS4 Controller, and XLR cables
  • an anonymous donor for a broom

Alex revealed that Blark the puppet is not really his dad and is in fact a puppet. Ben Bayouth, the puppeteer, came out for an interview and promoted his Instagram show Blark and Son.

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