"You don't have to talk to me like that mom! Don't call me 'Alexander!'"
The Attack episode 245 aired on 24 February 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Eddie ordered some Carl's Jr. from a trash can and got it.


Erin and Alex played with a website that takes any shape you draw and tries to turn it into a cat.

Then they competed to see who could get banned from Club Penguin the fastest, but with a twist... the directions say to enter your parents' email address, so they sent the activation emails to their moms and then called them to have them activate the accounts. Both moms failed to do so and it was adorable. Alex's mom called him "Alexander."


Yaniv presented a music segment called "Dank Beetz" where he and Alex played Soundcloud music and the viewers voted on who had the dankest beetz. Yaniv also had actual beets. There was also a special guest judge... Negative Nelly from Coral's Hip Hop Minute! Yaniv won, because of course he did.

The show was sponsored by Blue Apron.

In Into the Amazone, Alex and Erin reviewed Undies for Two and simulated going out on a date while wearing them to test them. They intended to test a pasta twirler but it didn't arrive in time for the show, so they improvised one with a plastic fork and a drill. A hair-pulling spring was also tested on Alex, Erin, and Mayron.

Streams of the Week featured:

  • A Russian kid that was clearly too young to be on Twitch and had a foul mouth
  • ThatMustachio, who got his beard pulled really hard during a pirate-themed stream
  • SirActionSlacks, who had to interview an eSports competitor that wouldn't say anything.
  • AndyMilonakis, who snapped a selfie with a fan but had the camera zoomed in so far that he wasn't in the picture at all

In a Hey, Thanks segment, they thanked:

  • Mailman2113 for an SDI/HDMI converter box
  • an unnamed patron who bought Codenames Pictures for LDIOTT
  • XMellow, for COFFEE!!!!

Dynfeld made an unscheduled appearance. Then TPOTSWIC ensued. The show closed out with Alex doing an IRL mobile stream until he was jumped by some Tarantino-style thugs and murdered.

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