"I feel the wrath of God every day... and it's under my bed."
The Attack episode 243 aired on 17 February 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.


There was a terrible rainstorm in LA that day, and the show sent their correspondent Gordito Crunche (Eddie) out to report on it.

The much-anticipated KEYLEAGUE KeySports Typing Sides Tournament was begun. Nathanias was on hand to shoutcast the event. Yaniv acted as Ring Girl for each match. There was a donation incentive to fill the tournament purse.

The first match was between Erin and Kevin. Kevin won but was found to be cheating with a Java script injector and was disqualified.


The second match pitted Alex versus Joey. Despite Los' attempts to sabotage Joey with a bluetooth keyboard, Joey was victorious because Alex is bad at even this simple game.

After their match, Alex and Erin returned to the podium. They showed PewDiePie's "official" response to his scandal. Alex discussed the new Twitch Communities feature, and showed off some real communities that he claimed: OnlyGaming, BETA_CUCKS, and youtubegames.

The next KeyLeague matchup featured Coral vs. Jake. Jake was victorious. Next Nick faced Jeremy and Jeremy trounced him.

The show was sponsored by the mobile game Creature Quest.

Streams of the Week featured:

  • TheAttack, for Erin's utter confusion about the Library sign in Undertale. Erin was given another geography pop quiz since her mom trolled her by mail after she failed the last one.
  • A British streamer who smoked a Twix on stream at her chat's request

Alex smoked a Twix and almost died. Erin then used a bong to smoke Pop Rocks like a champ.

In the Semifinals of the KeySports tournament, Erin faced Jeremy, and Erin pulled off an upset victory! Joey faced Jake and sent Jake packing back to Oregon.

In the final match Erin lost the first in the best-of-three competition. She was allowed to call in a ringer and Nathanias subbed in for her and evened the score. Because Joey is Joey, Nathanias was allowed to play the third match as well and came away with the victory on Erin's behalf.

In a Hey, Thanks segment, the show thanked:

  • Trainer84, for mic cables and gaff tape
  • Lakumentas, for a microphone!
  • Yobrianv, for a Playstation 4 for Erin's Let's Play streams!!!

Los' birthday was celebrated in Attack style to close out the show.


Erin shows off the goods for Megaguildy!

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