"'Blowing a clown' can mean so many things at a carnival!"
The Attack episode 241 aired on 13 February 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby. Zach Selwyn appeared throughout the show as a guest. Zach showed off "Download," the new energy drink he's shilling for. He revealed that he was only there to promote it and would like to incorporate the brand's message into the show.

Erin talked about the time she got set on fire on her birthday. Alex showed glitch videos from the Ghost Recon: Wildlands beta cut together with WWE sound effects. Then he showed a Bob Ross-style painting he "commissioned a small boy" to paint for him. Zach ruined it by shooting paint at it with a potato gun while plugging Download.


Zach then presented "Zach Selwyn's Music Corner," where he supposedly was going to perform songs from his new album, but really just kept shilling for Download until Alex beat him with a baseball bat.

The show was sponsored by Loot Crate.

Erin told a story about almost falling out of a carnival ride and losing her shirt.

Hot n' Streamy featured:

  • 2GGaming, who tossed to a correspondent that was unable to hype the crowd
  • summit1g, whose stepdad made things difficult for him on stream
  • LindenFPS, who utterly failed to shotgun a beer

Zach interrupted the stream again with the "Download Shotgun Extravaganza," a stunt where Alex and Erin shotugunned 3 cans of Download each. Both suffered an "upload" afterward. Zach then showed them how it's done, much to Alex's dismay.

The show thanked several viewers for gifts from the Amazon wish list:

  • Prime for clamps, a broom, gaff tape, and coffee cups
  • Jedinixon for mic stands
  • Shimokaji for an actual microphone!

The show ended with TPOTSWIC.

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