"I'm gonna feel that in my titties until next Tuesday!"
The Attack episode 239 aired on 8 February 2017. It was hosted by Alex Corea and Erin Steeby.

Erin got a gift from a fan: a hat with Diglett Garfield on it!

Joey had not been in the studio for a while, so Alex showed a "Joey block" of videos. Another Pile video featured a kid doing using Minecraft to do a lecture on OCD. Alex made fun of him, but Erin showed one of Alex's early videos, which was exactly like it. Then she did a bunch of pushups for some reason.

Alex started playing with a Portal gun and everyone got some soft serve from the bathroom.

The show was sponsored by Loot Wear.

Tom Cruise (Jeremy Hache) came by the studio and yelled a lot.

Hot n' Streamy featured:

  • ExposedLive, who spit on his webcam after a CoD win
  • FakeUniform, who accidentally jumped off his motorcycle in GTA5 on the freeway, which then got run over by a semi and exploded
  • Elohime, who punched a deer until it flew away
  • Summit, who got stream sniped and got a random spear in him

Ladies and gentlemen, Tom Cruise!

Erin discussed morning wood. TPOTSWIC ensued while the stunt was set up.

Alex and Erin competed in "Risky Business Curling," where they slid down a lubed-up tarp toward a target in their socks and boxers. Tom Cruise officiated.

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